Halo: An Infinite Franchise - Rumours and Lore

Halo: Infinite rumours and speculation is at an all-time high with just two days until it's campaign reveal. How did Halo become the juggernaut it is today?

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Gaming4Life1981367d ago

Im so ready to see halo infinite and honestly I hope that they really focused on the story this time like they did in 4. I liked halo 5 story but I do have my gripes like fighting the same boss over and over.

ChristianReggieWait367d ago

I think 343i have had enough opportunities to strike a good balance in a Halo game. Halo 5 came so close for me!

PyroMessiah86367d ago

I don't me Halo 4 story was great but Halo 5 story was the worst of the series. They did nail MP though in Halo 5.

Now we have a more classic graphics style and 5 years gone into Infinite I have good a feeling this will be one for the ages in story and MP.

Plus it's the most expensive game ever made at this point ... let's see where the money has gone 😁 Thursday is going to be epic. Especially with a MP beta rumoured too.

ChristianReggieWait367d ago

I'm hoping we get some form of gameplay experience with the summer games event. E3 booth action at home? Yes please!

Minute Man 721367d ago

@ Pyro

More that GTAV? That was $250 million

Kavorklestein367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

Halo Infinite's Budget is supposedly 500 million dollars

F0XH0UND922366d ago

It's not likely the most expensive game ever made and there's no proof to that.


Why do people keep spreading this false information?

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TheHateTheyGive367d ago

Talk about a franchise that needs a break

PyroMessiah86366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

5 years since Halo 5. Go back to your yearly COD release. This ain't the place for you lol

djplonker367d ago

spoiler: in the end mr 117 will be fine because microsoft want to make another halo.....

chiefJohn117367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

1. Halo is more than just Chief. ODST, reach, etc say hello
2. 343 already said they will eventually move on from Mr 117. And dub the games "Master chief saga"
3. Chief will likely die or be dead in spirit

PrimeVinister366d ago

Halo is definitely more than just Chief. Gave you an agree vote just for that.

TheHan366d ago

Perhaps the greatest First person shooter to date! Franchise history wise. Hope the reveal is unexpectedly great.