Warner Bros Games discount up to 75% on Xbox

In the week of the Xbox Games Event, you can find discounts of up to 75% in Warner Bros Interactive games exclusively on Xbox platforms.

Discounts are available in multiple Xbox Stores Worldwide.

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Marquinho126d ago

Great discounts. "Suspicious" timing. W00t W00t! 😅

Looper126d ago

Very suspicious. Especially exclusive to Xbox. Very suspicious indeedly.

Marquinho126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

Testing the waters? Was this high resolution, well elaborated poster, sporting Batman, Raiden, Agent 47 and Talion even necessary?

You're pure evil Mr. Microsoft.

Kavorklestein126d ago

Also, this is the 2nd Warner Bros sale within a month. But this one includes better stuff than the 1st sale!
I think MS bought WB Games to be quite Honest.

pwnmaster3000125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

Yeah I think this pretty much confirms it.

We might finally get a awesome lord of the rings game. Not knocking shadow or Mordor.

Looper125d ago

To be clear, I'm being sarcastic. It's just a sale. I don't actually believe this is any indication that a WB purchase is eminent even if it would please me to have Mortal Kombat away from the greed of WB!

125d ago
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126d ago
Imortus_san126d ago

If they pulled this one, it would be a a big LOL.

LucasRuinedChildhood126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

"Get Up To 75% Off LEGO And Scribblenauts Titles During WB Games’ EShop Sale":

phoenixwing126d ago

if they did close the deal it will give microsoft a lot to work with and add some true rep to them as the studios that do wb games are no joke

BeOpenMinded125d ago

This has happened before. Think I recall this happening before MS purchased another studio

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timotim126d ago

Is Xbox trying to tell us something or are they just trolling...

timotim126d ago

Seeing things like this has to give you at least a little hope. Would be crazy if they pull it off.

126d ago
timotim126d ago


The facts are its up to be sold, so someone will get them. Personally for me, out of all the companies publicly known of to be interested in buying the studios, Id rather it be Microsoft. EA and Activision to me are both suspect. Microsoft has shown that they can still release titles to multiple platforms like they do with Minecraft, and currently release XGS titles on PC and consoles with XGP and xCloud titles working on mobile, future TVs and the like so plenty of options there. Plus I game in that ecosystem so it just works better for me...

Bruh126d ago

There's gonna be all this hype about MSFT buying WB Games and then EA snatches them up lmao

timotim126d ago

As they always seem to do I really hope not this time.

ajax17126d ago

Ugh, why couldn't dying light be on sale...

Darkborn126d ago

Not a good thing if Microsoft buys WB. I'm pretty sure they will micromanage them and force them to just make A and AA games for gamepass..

Looper126d ago

Like Hellblade which was a AA now a AAA for the sequel?

Or giving Double Fine more money to add boss fights into Psychonauts 2?

Or giving inXile more money and time to polish Wastelands 3?

Or the AAA RPG Obsidian is working on? Like that?

AngelicIceDiamond126d ago

@Dark No that's what you hope to happen. You desperately want that to happen, so you can keep the narrative alive.

Keep your fantasy to yourself.

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