Destruction AllStars for PS5 Gets New Screenshots Showing Car Destruction Aplenty

Today developer Lucid Games released a batch of new screenshots of its upcoming vehicular combat game Destruction AllStars.

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RaidenBlack185d ago

Twisted Metal for the new sensitive generation.

185d ago
LMosche185d ago

They probably just wanted to attract fortnite simpletons without a shred of standards.

PrinceAli185d ago

because why..? People prefer different art styles?? You people are weirdos man lool

BeOpenMinded184d ago

A new twisted metal or destruction derby, done right, would make me so happy

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IRetrouk185d ago

I think this looks fun, kids and wife are also down, this could end up getting a load of playtime.

blacktiger185d ago

did you say load? :p From what I heard there is no loading :p

generic-user-name185d ago

People are sleeping on this but I think it was pretty cool looking (art style aside).

yeahokwhatever115d ago

it looks like e-sports twisted metal. which is NOT A BAD THING. :-) im excited.

Shakengandulf185d ago

Love the look of it, definitely giving it a go.

waverider185d ago

destruction derby is back. Classic franchise..

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The story is too old to be commented.