Panzer Paladin Review | Duel Screens

Panzer Paladin looks and feels better than the Nintendo Entertainment System’s most iconic platformers and is easily one of 2020’s most entertaining video game experiences.

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ZeekQuattro263d ago

I'm sold on this release. It's Blaster Master meets Ducktales. Those are a couple of my favorite NES games. Piloting a mobile suit with customizable swords is just icing on the cake.

Scissorman82263d ago

Who was the asshat the downvoted you? I swear this site sometimes...

But yes, this game is amazing and it's out now! I'm sinking an unhealthy amount of time in the Blacksmith Mode...

ZeekQuattro263d ago

Who knows. Lol I'm the same way when given the option to build or customize things. Time just flies by as I keep getting new ideas.