Ghost Of Tsushima: The Best And Worst Things About The Game

Screen Rant: Ghost of Tsushima does a great job of blending together lots of great ideas from other open-world games like Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, and even Red Dead Redemption. Unfortunately, it also has many of the same flaws when it comes to repetition and its mission structure. Here are the best and worst aspects of the game.

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327d ago
RazzerRedux327d ago

That's a fair list of pros/cons. I would also add the camera can be annoying at times. The combat itself is what truly shines in this game. I see out confrontations with Mongols on the road every chance I get since it is so much fun. Changing stances was confusing at first, but now it has become second hand and my attacks are more fluid. I feel like a badass samurai playing this game.

If there was one other complaint it would be getting the prompts to open boxes or interacting with people can be a bit finicky. Sometimes I have to be in one exact position and it can be a little annoying. Minor complaint though.

Abnor_Mal326d ago

I don't know how I feel about the lack of a lock on, I miss attacks I feel I should have connected. Yet it also makes the combat more intense

sprinterboy326d ago

Agreed, especially them little square boxes on the road lol, I would also add the prompt keeps popping up on how to climb

LM1213325d ago

I love the game..really love it. hate it sometimes when I'm in a battle and there is a tree blocking my view. lol. but doesn't stop me from having loads of fun

Lighter9326d ago

My only complaint is having to constantly switch armor and charms. I wish I could make some custom lists or something so I could just click on it when I needed to.

Abnor_Mal326d ago

I use the ronin clothes to attack regular mongols, but if a leader is armored up, then I was also put mine on, samurai to samurai. As.a ronin I'm constantly stealthing through environments silently taking out enemies when the thunder claps.

DrDeath326d ago

I would say replayability is massive in this game. Large open world with so many things to do. So while i agree it needs a new game plus and the alternate decisions and endings would add allot to it. Its not necessary at all.

Z501326d ago (Edited 326d ago )

Needs quick loadout swap.
I just want traveler/farmer & warrior. With the corresponding outfits.

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