Genshin Impact is a jaw-dropping open-world anime extravaganza (TheSixthAxis)

TSA writes: "I refuse to believe Genshin Impact is real. Even after having played hours of it during the latest closed console beta, it’s a game that absolutely boggles my mind. This is arguably the most gorgeous game with an anime-style aesthetic I’ve ever played, and it’s free. It has a massive, beautifully rendered world full of monsters, treasure, dungeons, and NPCs… and it’s free. There are dozens of playable characters, and inventive element-mixing combat systems. It is free!"

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Asuka504d ago

Its really good. The game plays very well across mobile and pc. The open world on an ultrawide 21:9 monitor is especially beautiful.

Zeldafan64504d ago

I've never liked the look of those ultrawide monitors

Asuka504d ago

its definitely personal preference. The monitors themselves take up a lot of real estate on a desk. But the aspect ratio paired with a higher FOV let's you view more of the game world as more of the game is actually being rendered on screen. But yeah there is a reason ultrawide is still niche, and desktop footprint is a big reason for some.

Teflon02504d ago

You gotta own one to understand what's great about it. Games like FFXIV that the UI can get cluttered with, actually have room for all elements to be at a good size. Racing games, you get a much bigger view etc. I just think you gotta have the right FOV id all. When too high it begins to look stupid

Zeldafan64504d ago

If ultrawide TVs ever become commonplace I may get one.

isarai504d ago

Does this game have climbing?

Asuka504d ago

yes it does with a stamina bar

Outlawzz504d ago

This out on Android yet ? Can't find it. Also any story to this or is it usual MMO stuff ?

Asuka504d ago

its not released yet. Also yes there is a main story quest, and it isn't an MMO tho it has some MMO-like gameplay elements.

Outlawzz504d ago

Thanks lots for the info

Suzyp504d ago

My wallet is not ready

phoenixwing504d ago

i've wanted this game since it was first shown off. I have the pc to run it now so hopefully it comes out this year.