Sucker Punch talks Ghost of Tsushima's inspirations, and more

Sucker Punch's co-founder and producer Brian Fleming, along with art director and creative director on Ghost of Tsushima Jason Connell, discusses the inspirations and more.

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Sonic-and-Crash264d ago (Edited 264d ago )

the game is very good ...not a masterpiece but very close ... i wish it had better looking Japanese actors like Yakuza games (imagine Lee byoung hun as protagonist ...would be perfect) ... the comparison to Sekiro is unavoidable , but GoT battles unexpectedly give the same satisfaction as Sekiro s (if not better), being short violent and realistic ....the only thing where i consider Sekiro better than GoT is the environment, where FromSOft as original japanese dev made it a bit more faithfull to detail and general war torn atmosphere

DrDeath264d ago

I would say ghost takes the cake in any game for environmental art direction. Its definitely beautifully done.

morganfell264d ago

Going to disagree with you as one of the remarks made by some Japanese people is that the characters looks Japanese. Not Korean (as you suggested elsewhere they should use for accuracy), not Chinese. Japanese. General war torn atmosphere? You mean all of the people hung, burned, nailed up, buildings burned and farm animals killed, people taken as slaves, people tied up and used as target practice and feathered with arrows, actual supply lines for an enemy invasion, encounters with people that sold out rather than fight, all of it. The list is endless. I like Sekiro a great deal. But it is a fantasy title and this game has done a wonderful job recreating the atmosphere.

CorndogBurglar264d ago

Maybe its just me and playing on a base PS4, but I feel like the cbaracter models could be more detailed. The environments are so gorgeous, but the models aren't up to that same level. Thats seriously like my only gripe with the game. I love it.

Sonic-and-Crash264d ago

Yes the game does a good job to depict war occupied country ..i dont disagree...i just prefer better Sekiro s for its weird sick after-war atmosphere tried to achieve ....people are tired , are sick , everywhere is death and (artistic)ugliness somehow you dont feel good to kill them the other GoT feels a bit like Zelda ....lets go vacation and kill some mongols too haha.....dont get me wrong both games are equally good end of story , i just being elitist with minor things here

Mithan264d ago

I found it clunky to start, probably due to the lack of "lock on", but its an excellent game and I am really enjoying it.

FullmetalRoyale264d ago

I am having a lovely time with it. This game is a fantastic send-off for Playstation 4.