Macworld: Par 72 Golf 2.03 for iPhone review


"Par 72 has a 3D perspective of the fairway, which has undulating terrain, trees, water hazards, bunkers and all the other accoutrements you'd expect on a golf course. Flicking left and right on the screen enables you to move around the course (although the screen does have to refresh, rather than panning around); at the bottom of the screen are a number of subtle icons that enable you to control the game. You can choose your clubs, fine-tune your swing and access an overhead view of the course (again in full 3D).

Despite the fairly simplistic controls, this is still a good golf game and its simplicity makes it good for a quick tap around on the iPhone. At £1.19 it's a good deal. If you fancy a quick bash around a golf course then this is the way to do it"

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