Josef Fares talks about The Last of Us Part II and Compares Naughty Dog to FC Barcelona

In a recent podcast with Wassup Conversations, Josef Fares, director of games such as A Way Out and the upcoming It Takes Two, talks a lot about his love for The Last of Us Part II, and Neil Druckman.

He mentions: "You know, Naughty Dogg is like a football team, It's FC Barcelona there. If you're playing there, you better be ready. You can't come there and be like, "OK, I don't know!" NO, if you are there, you're in the champions league. If you're ready to play that game, then you can go to that studio, if you're not, you shouldn't go there, because they are in the top of the shit. Do you know what I mean?"

You can read or watch more about Josef's love for The Last of Us Part II in

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RaidenBlack975d ago

Yup it's pretty much Champions league there.
FC Real Madrid, Liverpool FC, PSG FC.
CDPR, Rockstar, SIE Santa Monica respectively.

plainview1030975d ago

Rockstar is a whole new sport.