Final Fantasy VII Remake Director Will Reveal Number of Parts In Next Update

Final Fantasy VII Remake will be divided into multiple parts with the exact number of sequels not known yet, but this is going to change soon.

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Sonic-and-Crash184d ago (Edited 184d ago )

FF VII Remake was huge disapointment imo ....Nomura is not made for director , the guy is just an artist , destroyed one huge chance to recreate a cassic here...The environments are PS2 era quality , either artistically either graphically, and the whole plot with extra stories is a copmplete failed mess and boredome....It is like is made from different company which is out of touch .....shame because og FF7 was the Akira (literaly and metaphorically) of the videogames,, it was made with alotof attention

GoodGuy09184d ago (Edited 184d ago )

I was quite disappointed too. Not the remake I and many fans wanted but Im very happy it even exists at all. I really enjoyed the game enough to play through it all in just a week which is quite rare for me to do especially for a 20+hr game. Square did a great job in giving us iconic moments in the remake and also amping them up which was great. GOTY candidate for me personally so far next to p5r and ghost of tsushima. I do look forward to the sequels. The orginal will always still be there so I don't mind and got over it.

Snookies12184d ago

Not sure what game you played, but it wasn't FF 7 Remake. Sure, it didn't convey the exact same feeling as the original in every part. There were also some padded sections, for sure. The moments that were there though, always hit the mark. And most of the added scenes were actually very welcome to flesh out the early story. It had its flawed moments as every game does, but overall was a fantastic experience. Still not 100% sold on the arbiters of fate, but then again we don't actually know exactly how that plays into the overarching story.

HarryMasonHerpderp183d ago

I thought the game looked beautiful albeit the odd few textures but overall they did a fantastic job visually. As for the story I thought most of the added stuff was weak such as the arbiters of fate etc. I really didn't like the ending either also there were parts like the blood trail that were censored and they definitely blew their load with sephiroth. Despite all of those problems it's still my game of the year, I still loved it and I haven't been this excited about playing a Final Fantasy game for many years. They fleshed out the characters and I thought the voice work was great. I even came to love the combat system which I thought I'd hate.

Pretentious182d ago

I just hated how they changed some of my favorite scenes. Finding the president of Shinra hanging off the edge, instead of being dead in his chair, made me roll my eyes all the way to the back of my skull. Fighting Sephiroth at the end was dumb, the padding was a huge disappointment too. We don't need boring filler quests just to drag the game out longer, most would've preferred just letting us go through the story a little more. I think leaving the game with the entire Nibelheim flashback would've been better than where they ended it. I HATED the stupid flying wraiths too, that was just a dumb idea. A way to make the story more convoluted. Adding additional scenes is perfectly fine if done right, but the stupid timeline crap almost ruined the whole game for me. I still mostly enjoyed it overall, but those grievances were pretty annoying.

bouzebbal182d ago

I have no idea what odd textures people are talking about.. Same people who buy fifa and yearly ea games with garbage graphics.. Ff7 remake dares to remake the most iconic rpg of all time,and did it with style.. Hands down the best thing I played this year.. I've still got to experience Ghost of Tsushima.. I'm 110 hours in, on the way to that platinum.. I love the music so much and facial animations.. about dialogues?? All with voice.. Hats off.. Bring on that open world second episode and let's get some gold chocobos

jbrock11183d ago

There was a lot about it that was great ( graphics, battle system, music, etc. ) but the story, pacing, filler, game play loop and overall design and inconsistencies in some of the characters make what was one of the best games of all time, a very average game. It was a 6/10 for me. FF7 original is my favorite game of all time so I was super hyped to play this when it first came out and I will play the 2nd episode when it comes out but my hype for it is basically zero.

HarryMasonHerpderp183d ago

Sad to hear that. I went into it without any hype and was pleasantly suprised. I haven't loved a FF game since FF10. I think with all things considered and after FF15 they still did a good job with the game, it easily could have been a complete mess. I agree with some of the filler though and the story has it's ups and downs. I hope you like the sequel more but after that ending....I'm a little sceptical as well.

Imortus_san183d ago

long gone are the times when japanese RPG were exelent, now a days they are nothing more then boring hack and slash with RPG elements, I miss the good turn based combat.

Lore182d ago

I couldn’t disagree more. I think the new direction is bold, smart, intuitive and allows for a MUCH more fleshed out series for us all to be able to enjoy way more of the FFVII universe.

As far as Nomura directing, again I absolutely disagree. The man is a genius and comes up with twists and thoughtful takes on how to tell stories. Similar to Christopher Nolan as a film director. Not all stories need to be straightforward. Make the viewer think and wonder a bit. Some convulsion adds nostalgia and charm. Arbiters of Fate were done thoughtfully and there’s so many secrets and easter eggs regarding them that some fans really appreciate.

Game was amazing (other than some slow segments of pacing and lack of exploration/discovery), and I cannot wait to see what the future of the franchise holds. That and that fact we have more of the cast “alive” (because why would we want them not to be?) and it was done in a convincing fantasy manner, I’m all in

jbrock11182d ago

It's clear to me that Nomura doesn't understand what made FF7 the classic that it was. From this game and Advent Children, it's pretty clear he thinks Final Fantasy is basically an anime that needs fast paced action and giant set pieces. In reality, FF7 original, at least the Midgar section was a slow paced noir thriller that relied heavily on the world and music to help tell it's story. And speaking of Nolan, FF7R is basically Avengers as opposed to the original being something like The Joker or The Dark Knight. Ones cartoonish, the other is looking to tell a serious story.

SyntheticForm182d ago (Edited 182d ago )

It was awful. This game is one of those head scratchers for me. It was so bland to me in nearly every way.

The return of the classic music was nice, but that's about it, and I enjoyed three of the characters; Jessie, Barret, and Don. The rest of them were cringeworthy.

Aerith with her 'I'm always lecturing a pre-school' vocal tone, and Cloud with his utter aloofness that didn't have an ounce of charm that other stoic protagonists have managed to pull off. Tifa was mostly annoying as well. That said, they're all actually good voice actors and I acknowledge that, but I didn't like this.

The game itself was so utterly mediocre with the dialogue, traversal, pathways, and dumb side quests designed to waste your time and pad things out. Just an exercise in vapidity where so many of the worst modern game conventions were applied.

But, I still have my great memories of the 1997 classic. Nothing can take that away.

bouzebbal182d ago

I was about to say it, no idea what game you played.. They made an 18 hours sequence last more than double, with super dynamic combat and the most charismatic cast ever..
I've been hammering share button I think there are so many amazing plots and graphics. Face design and animation are glorious.. Maybe your expectations were different but mine were exactly this, even expected it to stop right before their way to Kalm.. And that final fight...shall we talk about it??😍😍😍 ;

Lore182d ago (Edited 182d ago )

Please continue to praise the ending chapters. BEST parts of the game by far (although the entirety of it was a thrill ride).

This is why developers and creative geniuses are responsible for making these sort of drastic and complex decisions, and not entitled gamers. The saying “gamers don’t know what they want until we show it to them” absolutely applies to this game/story. Those who prefer the original can still go play it. A great and amazing game. The remake is the evolution of the franchise and has been done very methodically thus far.

Pyrofire95182d ago

I had a blast. It was a bit too fluffed up in some sections but overall a great adventure and I'll definitely replay it eventually.

AnnaDea180d ago

lol @ looking like a ps2 game. The light system that they developed for UE4 makes this game looks insanely good on a 4k HDR teve. Almost freaking next-gen sometimes in the cutscenes.

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Jls1182d ago

Just waiting for the complete edition, not paying $60 for every part

DarkZane182d ago

You actually think you will be able to pay just $60 for all parts when they are all out? You're hilarious. Delusional, but hilarious.

RpgSama182d ago (Edited 182d ago )

I'm sure he will be able to, just like what happened with the Kingdom Hearts games that they bundled all of them after all of them came out, it will just take him around 6/8 years of waiting for the FFVII bundle, NOW that's delusional and hilarious, waiting 8 years just so you don't spend $60.

Jls1182d ago

No I'm just not stupid paying 60 times however many times the devs want to milk this old game lol

lucian229182d ago

how many times? they made one hd update, a pc port and that's it; lmao this is the first remake; go cry a river. Wait if you wish, it's not a dumb thing to do.

Imortus_san182d ago

Better them paying 5x60 or 7x60, that for sure.

Pretentious182d ago

You'll be old af by then, but okay bro. You do you.

Lore182d ago

Not to be overly forward but plan on waiting about 8+ years for your purchase

NotoriousWhiz182d ago

Definitely +. Such a compilation wouldn't release until long after all the parts are complete. This may be closer to a 15 year wait.

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-Foxtrot182d ago

Any more than 3 and they will be killing it

FFVIII and FFIX deserve love aswell you know

ANIALATOR136182d ago

4 parts that will probably never get made because they'll take too long

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