What Made Classic Halo Great?

Despite my love for the original Halo trilogy, I and many like me have become disinterested in the modern Halo experiences.

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crazyCoconuts331d ago

Do you guys think Destiny's story is on par with the first few Halos though? Even with Bungie at the wheel I think the Destiny story is extremely lackluster.

TheColbertinator331d ago (Edited 331d ago )

Bungie and the story.

Apart from some questionable level design in the first 3 Halo games, they had a rather compelling story and really intense action sequences especially in vehicles. Then the Flood levels and the Covenant Civil War topped off a coup de grace for the Xbox.

Years passed by since Bungie left and I dont recognize the franchise anymore. 343 butchered the story and it is now unsalvageable. The MP gameplay is fine but I have not enjoyed any of their levels like I did Blood Gulch, Ascension and Lockout.

Halo doesn't sell to me anymore and I moved on. Good luck to 343 regardless.

crazyCoconuts331d ago

Those first few games had an original story that was a great mix of sci-fi and FPS. Finding out what the Halo rings were was awesome. And the open levels on the warthog were very memorable. Good times

rockwhynot331d ago (Edited 331d ago )

Probably had some golden ratio or Fibonacci sequence map and weapon design as well as cinematography pacing but I don't know about that for sure. Great score, tight controls, diverse vehicular gameplay and no auto aim nor bullet magnetism. It was also humorous and thanks to the flood horrifying as well. One can see how it had all the ingredients to be a divine experience including the faceless hero. Not to mention it's plot is quite fascinating. Star roads? Universal life extinction and then universal life resurrection? Immortal shape shifting precursors? Somewhat uncontrollable slip space? Naked Cortana? Put me down for $50.

timotim331d ago

Its sandbox. Feeling like youre in a play space where you can almost discover things no one else knows about. Exploration. Being able to attack a situation how you see fit. Trying to find ways around obstacles that actually work.

chiefJohn117331d ago (Edited 331d ago )

Halo 4 had a good story no one with a straight face can say it was bad. and halo 5 story could've been great but they saved all the good stuff for books, comics and spinoffs and it was rushed. It seen like a good chunk of the story was scraped and filled with filler

What made the classics great?
Sense of mystery, wonder, exploration. Crashing landing on Halo for the first time. O.O you went woooow. You wanted to search around and sight see
Scripted events epic scripted events that newer halos lacked. Creeping and seeing and listening to the brute beat on a marine as he interrogate him. You could interrupt and save him and hear what happened from the marine. Or you could watch him get beat to death
The crazed Marine after the flood was released, etc I can go on and on on it was amazing.

Unpredictability, you was already in tune and fixed from the two things above and had 0 prediction of wtf was gonna happen next. Newer halos you kinda knew where they were going, there were no surprises


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