Players Might Be Able To Spectate Live Esports Events Using PSVR Headset, Sony Patent Suggests

A new patent from Sony suggests a feature that might allow players on console and PC to watch live esports events straight from their PSVR headset.

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morganfell136d ago

In this current climate of COVID...and it will not be the last issue of its kind, this only makes sense to start to open these technologies to such uses.

sprinterboy135d ago (Edited 135d ago )

Alot of things in life will change because of covid19, office spaces will go over the nxt 10 years and more people will work from home for good.
Esports from home in vr would be a great option imo as a option for now but over the coming years society is gonna change for the better wether people don't see it yet.
The worlds gonna be a very different place in 20 years and on top of that quantum computers and AI will change the way we live forever.
Personally I will be either too old or dead by that time but it's gonna be great for the nxt gen of babies.
Edit: sorry if off topic lol

Mr_cheese135d ago

Would love a space like HOME on PSVR

1Victor135d ago

I hope for a vr camera in the stadium but that’ll be asking for too much

THC CELL135d ago

I'd like a cinema and watch Wipeout while sat in crowd or GT games

Mr_cheese134d ago

That would be ace, and as their exclusives it could be implemented a lot easier surely? But that is us wishful thinking