Mario Kart Tour gets landscape mode in new update

A new update for Mario Kart Tour will let you play the game horizontally in landscape mode.

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MasterChief3624371d ago

Bizarre to only just get that, but okiedoke. I spent a lot of time on this game when it first came out. It hooked me, making me go so far as to justify the monthly subcription! I only got 2 payment of it, though because eventually I just started getting really tired of the horrible odds of getting good characters out of the pipes

It got to the point that, out of my control, I would never get enough points for the full amount of stars. Just because I didn't have the right character out of 700 available. I could do a course perfectly, turn every corner with the utmost precision, and get every coin possible, and I would still be short of that final star, just because I had a character that either wasn't leveled up enough or plain wasn't in the top tier.

It's insane how low the chances are. Now if it were one of those systems where there were 100 things you could get, but once you get something once, it's out of the rotation permanently. But no. It's one of those scummy systems where you have to get the same item something like 5 or more times until it gets taken out of the rotation. And most stuff you get in there is ugly karts and gliders.

This is the nature of loot box mechanics, and I know I'm late to the party on voicing my hatred for it, but it bothered me more in this one likely because it's the first time I've experienced something so close to pay-to-win. There are many stories out there of other games that do it, and to worse extents, I know. But the fact that your success for 100% completion of a course is locked behind getting the right character - then that character won't even work for every course and you have to do the whole song and dance for every single one - all of this is so ridiculous. I hate it.

Your point amount and subsequent star rating isn't just for your own completion satiation. It also contributes to your overall leaderboard ranking for the current season, and the higher you are in that, the more gems you get to do the pipe game to get better characters.

I hate this game. I used to love it and defend it as being kind of fun, but it really rubbed me the wrong way when I started noticing the futility of trying to get a fulfilling experience out of it without paying money. The subscription does help give many more gems, but still not enough for all that many pipe tries.

All right, back on topic: what a bizarre update.

parkesy78371d ago

Too long gave up reading after first paragraph 😴

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TheEnigma313370d ago (Edited 370d ago )

-_- should have been standard