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Assassin’s Creed in samurai drag. If that sounds like a blast to you, it will be, especially if you go into it with the knowledge of the game’s design missteps.

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Father__Merrin457d ago

rubbish treading familiar ground. the game should be seen on its own not moaning its not assassins creed its not witcher its not zelda

onewingnut457d ago (Edited 457d ago )

It's the sword play. I like to compare it to the web swinging in Spider-Man. It just feels right.

mkis007457d ago

The different stances enhances the flow so much!

L7CHAPEL457d ago

this is one of those few exclusives I wish we had on Xbox.
I really love that time period,
style of game... and it just looks awesome,
something I'd really enjoy

timotim457d ago

Not high enough for you? This isn't the first time someone has leveraged that complaint against the game.

remixx116457d ago (Edited 457d ago )

But it's kind of a bs complaint that sorta only applies to certain games when it's convenient.

Cod, battlefield, halo, Zelda, AC etc etchave been milking the same formula for years but this narrative only seems to be brought up with certain games.

There is no consistency when it comes to developers review criteria

You should review a game on its own individual merits and do do within the context of its own bubble, ie review games on a case by case basis.

Don't review it in context of other established games. This is why I love acg, his reviews have put most other reviewers to shame

timotim457d ago

I dont see it that way. If multiple reviewers had the same co9mplaint, I think its fair to say that its not BS, but not uncommon instead. I haven't seen him disagree with a single score of the game over 9...not one time. To me that speaks more than simply saying the game isn't bringing anything new. Its not like other games haven't been docked for the same thing in the past. Ive said before...Sucker Punch as a studio produces good, but not stellar games. If one can accept the 9 and 10 scores, you must also accept the 7 and 8 scores as well.

gleepot457d ago

@remixx116 its a fair complaint and comparison -- its weighing the game against all those that it borrowed things from, many of which do it much better. GoT is a beautiful game, though, with a great story.

TKCMuzzer457d ago (Edited 457d ago )

Get out clause for reviewers. A good game is a good game and should be marked on its own merit. It's way better than any recent Assassins Creed game. Reviewers have double standards, if they reviewed every game like this , Mario and COD would be getting 2/10 for constantly rehashing the same stuff, I mean how many bloody times can a princess get kidnapped?
It seems reviewers are out of touch with gamers, we don't want games to reinvent the wheel, we just want good games, well made, entertain us and that work on day one.
To the reviewer, I fully expect to see the same review framework in place for COD and Assassins Creed this year.

hulk_bash1987457d ago

You can only do open world games for so long before they all share similarities. Just because it uses the same/similar open world designs and tropes doesnt take away from the game's greatness. Ghost of Tsushima is one of the most fully realized and gorgeous open world games ive played in a long time. Definitely worthy of a GOTY nomination. And continues Sony's tradition of releasing amazing all the way through their consoles life cycle. Hopefully it gets great sales cause it, as well as Suck Punch, deserve it.

Bathyj457d ago (Edited 457d ago )

I'll say this about the Assassin's Creed comparisons, Valhalla better bring it because GoT is making it look decidedly crap. I don't think I've ever played a game where I had to stop so often and just admire the view. I've said wow out loud so many times.

And the combat is waaaay better than anything AC has ever done. It flows like a river and makes you feel powerful. And Ghost stance is truely terrifying. Everytime I use it I think what do I just do?

This is the AAA Tenchu I always wanted. I only wish the grappling hook would attach to anything so it was used more.

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shewbrookj457d ago

If his review puts people off from buying the game, he will no doubt feel a great sense of satisfaction.

L7CHAPEL457d ago

I don't believe that's the case, that he would take pride in that.
but the fact that there's plenty of comments, and that's what they go by...

King_Noctis457d ago

Am I wrong to think that reviews are just opinions of the writers? If you like any game, you should just buy it regardless of anyone’s opinion.

Hakuoro456d ago

If that's the case why do you put so much effort into finding the lowest reviews for every Sony game to make them look bad and lower sales?

King_Noctis456d ago (Edited 456d ago )

"If that's the case why do you put so much effort into finding the lowest reviews for every Sony game to make them look bad and lower sales? "

Am I that important enough to cause Sony game to sell less due to my submission? Wow, go me. It doesn't take a whole week of effort to just find reviews, all of them are on Metacritic.

By the way, I think Christopher did warn people about harassing the contributors.

DrDeath457d ago

Blows AC out of the water in every way lol

Joke of a review..

These are the same criticisms people had with days gone (while i agree its mostly familiar territory, its nothing to be turned off about)

Literally every game is a copy of another in some way shape or form

ENXGMA457d ago

Ghost of Tsushima is treading familiar ground: 7/10
New AC/COD game made of 90% recycled assets: 10/10

phoenixwing457d ago

I'm sorry but this reviewer used a lot of the same words as other reviewers 7/10. do you see how asinine that is mr. or mrs. reviewer?

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