Sony: No Plans for March PS3 Price Cut

Sony's PS3 pricing strategy has been one of the biggest industry question marks in recent months, and on an official level, price cut plans will remain under wraps.

Responding to new rumors of a PS3 price cut in March 2009, a Sony Computer Entertainment America rep told Edge, "There are no plans for a price reduction on PS3 in March 09, and anything reported on or discussed otherwise is purely rumor or speculation."

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Deviant4250d ago

would be stupid to admit it yet :P

N4PS3G4250d ago (Edited 4250d ago )

Sony said no Price cut for 08 and i they didn't lie ...why would they lie now?
They could have opted for no comments instead of denying

Iraq Resistance ROM4250d ago

we all know they will cut the price at that time, if not then they will seriously damage ps3 market share.

PS: Michael Jackson converted to islam!!! wise move by him, at least Allah will give him the right path that he couldnt find it with the atheist america.

Lucreto4250d ago

Just like they said on the Monday there was no price cut before E3 last Year and there was a price cut two days later.

It is up to Sony when they lower the price. They could lower it before Christmas if they wanted or Black Friday.

cmrbe4250d ago

if they did say there would be a price cut in March. This is the holiday season and Sony will loose alot of sales if they said otherwise.

The PS3 is due for another price cut soon. I am pretty sure it will happen in march.

Kaz once said no price cut one day before it happened last year.

Coheno4250d ago (Edited 4250d ago )

Offcaurse it would be stupid! Really REALLY stupid!

Why would they lie!?!? Seriously you must be very naive... Because it would hurt there christmas sales, in which they count on very very much!

And March sounds very likely, Killzone 2 comes out late february, so it would coincide really nicely with it, and help it's sales too...

King_many_layers4250d ago

they seem to be telling the truth to me.

Why would they do a price cut the month after the most hyped FPS arrives ??
I think it will be in February. ( if there's one )

nbsmatambo4250d ago (Edited 4250d ago )

note they said not in March lol, they never said anything about February when KZ2 comes out..

solidsnakus4250d ago

whats wrong with them? seiously. its like they just gave up.
theres no question about it that 360 will outsell the ps3 this holiday season. so when sony drops the price ms will drop it once again. sony just put themselves in a position where they just cant compete. ps3 is kinda doomed.

Danja4250d ago

It doesn't make sense to announce a price for next year , when X-max is right around the corner that could cut in sales...

it's just like in Japan a few weeks back pl weren't buying PS3's because they were waiting on the 80GB , plus GT5P and LBP bundles

jwatt4250d ago

It's all a big game, I think Sony wants to hold off on a price cut for as long as possible but when people come up with rumurs like this it kind of spreads. You hear people talking like I heard there might be a price cut in March. Then when the rumors spreads it starts to effect the sales, in return Sony may actaully have to do a price cut becuase of articals like these. I guarantee where going to hear a couple of more price cuts articals before the year is over.

Aclay4250d ago


When Sony drops the PS3's price again, most likely Microsoft is NOT going to drop the 360's price to counter because Microsoft has already said that there wont be another 360 price cut for a LONG time. I mean come on man, they already dropped the 360's price in Europe 2 times this year. I don't see Microsoft dropping the 360's price next year at all... they might cut the price on the Elite by $30-$50 bucks or something, but there wont be another major 360 price cut for a long while according to Microsoft themselves.

Once the PS3 hits $299 sometime next year, it's going to make the 60GB Xbox 360 at $299 look vastly overpriced.

It would be silly for Sony to announce a price cut right now, and at that Sony event in London this past week, David Reeves himself said that around/after March 09, the PS3 will be more competitive price wise and basically he "indirectly" confirmed a price cut for the PS3 sometime early next year.

Sony hasn't "given up" they just aren't focused on market share and profitability is the main focus. The way that the economy is right now, the last thing Sony needs to do is drop the PS3's price when they aren't ready and create more financial headaches.

Honestly I think that a PS3 at $299 is more than enough to outsell the Xbox 360 next year.

gaffyh4250d ago

Sony said no price cut in 08 because they couldn't afford it, but by March 09 they should be able to afford it which is why it would be extremely stupid to announce a price cut now. If they announced it now, everyone would wait until March to buy a PS3 = no sales at Christmas.

It's like when they were playing down rumble so they could scare Immersion into a cheap rumble deal...

Doppy4250d ago

Agreed it would be stupid to admit it, because everyone will wait until March for the price drop.

However, I think they may be telling the truth, while March would be the start of their next year and a good way to kick off the PS3's sales, I think there going to drop the price in February the week before Killzone 2 and Street Fighter 4 comes out. $300 PS3 and Killzone 2 = $$$$$ for Sony. Plus all the other great exclusives and multiplatform titles.

Fallen_Angel4250d ago

@AclayPS3 that is the stupidist logaic I ever heard in my life. Sony saying no price = a ps3 price and MS saying no price cut = the 360 geting no price cut. So should we assmue that everything sony tells us is a lie and that everything MS tells us is the truth ?

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Fobuo4250d ago

So don't buy a Ps3 until then".

Did you honestly think Sony would open up about their pricing strategy!

ultimolu4250d ago (Edited 4250d ago )


They're not going to actually announce a pricecut. Then people will wait until March for the price to drop.

Xbox Street Gang4250d ago

I guess MS will have to drop the price of the 360 to $100.00 if the PS3 ever hits $299.99.

You compete...

deeznuts4250d ago

I wouldn't be totally surprised if they didn't cut the price. MS is obsessed with winning the war. Why not? They have a ton of money in other operations.

Sony I don't think cares too much about the sales war. They're in it to turn a profit at this point. They'll do a cut, but only when it's necessary. Or else they'd cut it now, spur sales before the holiday season.

A dollar cut means a dollar lost in revenue.

doctorstrange4250d ago (Edited 4250d ago )

the rumouur said that SCEE said there would be a price cut

btw anyone notice how Kaz Hizari's (spelling?)eyes are really red, even more than just the usual red eye of camera's?

Sarcasm4250d ago

First it's Kaz Hirai.

Second, he's actually part Japanese/Helghast.

TOO PAWNED4250d ago

Reporter:"Yo Kaz, my man! Get over here dog!"
Kaz walks towards this random journalist that seems to know him but az has no idea who that is, but plays his act.
Kaz:"Hi, how are"
Reporter:"Listen, you know how two of us are close, now i want you raise you hand and promise to tell me the truth, ok, here it goes. IS it true that there is a price cut in March, i have to tell people to wait just a few months and save 100 buck"
Kaz:"O yeah, there is 200 dollar price cut, hey we might even give PS3 for free if we are in the mood, so yeah, save your money and wait. I hear KZ2 is around that time, and just for you we might even bundle that game for free, how about that?"


Tacticity4250d ago

The PS3 dosent need a price cut at all its only the US that comaplains about price cuts all the time. That was fact that Sony actid on before but that has changed now.