Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase Announced

A Nintendo Direct Mini is coming, this time in the form of a partner showcase. This will be the first direct in a series focused on third-party partners.

rawshack1042d ago (Edited 1042d ago )

Hopefully we get some new games or ports it will be interesting to see what theses guys have been up too lately

1042d ago
anonymousfan1042d ago

I am surprised this will only be 3rd party... I cant imagine Nintendo have zero 1st party games for the holidays! Maybe we'll get more announcements later

Rob79_1041d ago

I'm sure this is one of a few direct mini's coming in the near future.

Bigman4k1041d ago

Fingers crossed 🤞 for mario remastered collection announced today

XxINFERNUSxX1041d ago

Still waiting for any Metroid Prime 4 news :/

Sirk7x1041d ago

Probably be end of system life on that one unfortunately :/