Cyberpunk 2077 Lets You Ignore the Main Storyline

As if Cyberpunk 2077 wasn't exciting enough already, CD Projekt Red's new game lets players ignore the main plot and take Night City their own way.

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TheKingKratos228d ago

But i can already do that in pretty much any open world game ?

228d ago
King_Noctis228d ago

Based on the article, it says the following:

“ Essentially, you can complete the game, and even get a definitive resolution, while barely touching the main plot thread.”

KyRo228d ago

Hmm. I hope it's not oddly structured. I loved the gameplay for both Days Gone and Borderlands but it can get confusing what the main plot sometimes is when instead of naturally taking you to the next main sorry mission, they take you to some random side mission or side story.

cluclap227d ago

@Kyro yea inlove days gone but absolutely hate the mission structure. I didnt get used to it til a third of a way through

TheExecutioner228d ago

So far

Open world game with below features:

- You see Keanu in the game
- Eat Burger
- Modify organs or the parts
- Hideo Kojima in the game (not confirmed)
- now you can ignore the main plot

A very promising game

DrDeath228d ago

If hideo is in the game it makes me much less interested

Vx_228d ago (Edited 228d ago )

This game will be a hot mess. Useless character customization for a first person view game, the questing and story looks too messy and all over the place, and the gfx already downgraded from the last footages we’ve seen... still it looks nice.

I’ve lowered my expectations for this one so that I want be too disappointed... it will be one of those games that many will buy but most wont finish it.

xenz228d ago

You must be blind since the gfx are upgraded

nowitzki2004228d ago

Just dont get the game, problem solved. I cant wait.

philm87228d ago

What about CDPR makes you think this game will be a mess?

Vx_228d ago

CDPR has yet to prove they can deliver quality games consistently. The first two Witcher games had very poor gameplay and Witcher III wasn't great on that front either. And from recent footage I can tell the gameplay and use of weapons in a first person view isn’t that great either.
Plus, You can already see CD Projekt implementing some "downgrades" from what we saw in the first demo. Better to lower expectations to not be that disappointed.

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fsfsxii228d ago

The meltdown over this game will be hilarious once its out.

King_Noctis228d ago

Man can’t wait for this one.

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