Crash Bandicoot 4 will not launch on PC, but Activision is “evaluating additional platforms”

You won't be playing Crash 4 on PC in October, but hope is alive for a port.

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RonsonPL130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

Activision when someone in the conference booth accidentally confirmed the PC version of Crash Trilogy for PC:
- No, we don't have anything to announce regarding the PC version

Rockstar, 2 years after PC version of GTA V was complete, months before official announcement
- We don't have any plans for PC release

Same shit with Spyro, RDR2 and many many others.

Whenever those greedy assholes see that denying the obvious equals additional money - they WILL lie.

If postponing the release for a f.. year was not bad enough.
I absolutely hate big AAA publishers. Greedovision. Take Two Dollars More, Upaysoft, Electronic (Con) Arts, Coinami, all of them.

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Zodiac130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

I mean, there's only PC and Switch left lol. Unless they want to do a quick upscaled port for ps5/xbx when they launch. Cutting it pretty close for a quality Switch port, if work on that REALLY hasn't already started.

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SickSinceSix129d ago

The Crash Racing Remake still hasn't been released on PC yet, would be surprised if this game gets ported before that does

Felix_Argyle_Catbro129d ago

Still waiting for the Crash racing game to come to PC. Playing a racing game (or any game really) at 30fps is unacceptable.

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