Halo Wars Pre-order Content Does Nothing

"When the official Halo Wars site announced vehicle incentives last week for pre-ordering the game or buying the Limited Collector's Edition, we were worried that society's better half would get a strategic upper hand on us poor, pedestrian gamers.

It turns out there's a bit of working class spirit in Halo's real time strategy offering. In an interview with The Game Reviews, Ensemble Studios' Director of Technology Dave Pottinger said the "Fireball Warthog," accessed through pre-order, isn't any stronger than the standard military green version. Same goes for the "Honor Guard Wraith," which you get by ordering the collector's edition."

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cain1414244d ago

It's like the Gold Plated Lancer in Gears 2...

ahnonamis4244d ago

So they're 99999 points and can melee you to death from seven feet away?

I'm really glad they aren't actual special items, though. Special upgraded pre-order only stuff is fine for a single player game, but keep that away from my multiplayer.

Mikito4244d ago

Glad to see that there is no power difference but the look cool none the less. I will stick with the regular version though.

italianbreadman4244d ago

yay! Re-skinning for pre-orders is fine. Better in-game stuff is not.

Viewtiful4244d ago

Yeah but from my view, there's still the issue of luring people in with "new content" but in reality its just flames on the hood. All I'm saying is that I'm sure there will be a few people out there who expected more than just flames who will be dissappointed.

cain1414244d ago

I'd rather disapoint people who didn't read vs giving them a real advantage.

OC_MurphysLaw4244d ago

The skins are not the only "perk" coming to those that get the LE game, Halo 3 mythic map pack, extra bonus disc, and special game tin. And for those that pre-order the regular game they get some new skins with no advantage. What is the harm here? I see none.... moving on.

ThePimpOfSound4244d ago

I'm satisfied. IMO the Gold Lancer kind of looks silly. I am generally not impressed with in-game bling.

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