Assassin's Creed Valhalla Kinda Feels Like The Witcher

COG writes: As the newest game in the longstanding franchise Assassin's Creed Valhalla has some big shoes to fill and after getting our hands on the game we've definitely got some thoughts to share about its potential, overall gameplay and more.

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RaidenBlack61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

When i first saw the leaked game-play, it gave me Witcher 3 vibes rather than any AC vibes.
But this at-least seems like a proper sequel to AC Origins than that AC Odyssey.

Powerhug60d ago

Naturally Valhalla would be a proper sequel to Origins, Odyssey takes place hundreds of years before Origins.

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Positivelypositive 60d ago

I feel that way about Odyssey. I am well into the final chapters of the game and all the stuff having to do with Atlantis. I know it just means Mercenary but going by Misthios makes me feel like my character is something like a witcher. My only regret is the game crashes if I play for loner then an hour and I can't figure it out.

TheEnigma31360d ago

this will be no where near the depth of the witcher

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