"New Splinter Cell is coming soon", italian game dubber says

Splinter Cell could be back on the scene with a new chapter , according to what was reported by Luca Ward , historical voice of the protagonist Sam Fisher, who to the microphones of during the interview just aired at the UltraPop Festival gave practically for sure the return of the series.

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BlackIceJoe264d ago

Please be true. Also please don't be a cellphone game or have microtransactions, either.

I've been wanting a new game for years, so I just hope this isn't false and will be true, because it is high time for a new game.

camel_toad264d ago

Please bring back spies vs mercs...

Obelisk92264d ago (Edited 264d ago )

Luca Ward is a very important dubber in Italy, he dubbed a huge number of famous movies other than Sam Fisher in all the main games of the SC series. So if he talks like that, he probably knows something.

I think it will be a full console/pc game and it will probably be announced very soon. Xbox Series X event, maybe?

SurvivorGirl264d ago

I'm right there with you BlackIceJoe, I love the Sam fisher stealth games and would love another shot at playing him. Those games are so much fun I just love being sneaky.

Shezgear264d ago

Please dont be open world

georeo264d ago

That's top of the list of what it should not be.

Kubark264d ago

We need a change from Ubisoft's usual milking of franchises like Assassin's Creed. Splinter Cell needs to come back and it needs to come back in a big way. I couldn't care less about Far Cry or AC. That's been done to death and is as stale af.

sprinterboy264d ago

Always loved ubi, but the last 5years in particular is just rinse and repeat open world, boring side quests/missions etc.
Just look at AC rinse and repeat, different setting, division same, different setting same game.
I'm sure they will come good again but I don't see that anytime soon with farcry 6 and AC rinse and repeat in the horizon.

Yodasfavoritesoda264d ago

This is really good news if true! Love splinter cell

Milkshake212264d ago

Please be true. Sniper Cell been missing this whole generation which is weird tbh.

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The story is too old to be commented.