What Are E3's Plans To Stay Relevant?

The slew of pandemic-induced game publisher streams showed us just how obsolete E3 has become, and it will need to adapt to get its groove back.

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strayanalog74d ago

While I do see E3, as it stands now, as obsolete, in my opinion, considering streaming or an already made video is cheaper than a stage. I admittedly kind of enjoy the spectacle of it all; the celebration, if you will, but that's the traditionalist inside me that saw gaming move out of a small corner in CES (just past the porn). That "we will prevail" attitude that we had in the 90s, which somehow never left, makes losing E3 feel as almost an attack on gaming culture because we earned it.
Moving on, whatever changes may occur, I may wince and I may (probably) moan, but after getting a taste of a non-E3 existence I now know that I value getting most of our news in a few days rather than sporadically thrown into different months. So I hope the future E3 embraces streaming to benefit both big and small publishers and developers, while saving the floor space for demos and those who want interviews. And selfishly, brings some damn structure back in to how we get big announcements.

Father__Merrin73d ago

I hope it goes back into the fully blown conferences

UnbreakableAlex73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

Considering global warming gets worse and worse every year I don't see a reason to send thousands of gaming journalists via airplane around the world to write the same stuff over and over again. As much as I enjoyed E3, it's redundand for tech and gaming companies to physically gather people around. We have streaming, VR Goggles, Apple Glass incomming. They will make presentations more immersive for all the people who dont't attend E3. E3 can rest in peace now. It was a lot of fun while it lasted.