Velocity Architecture Deep dive with Jason Ronald

The Xbox Video Podcast with Larry Hryb, Xbox's Major Nelson & Jeff Rubenstein. We discuss the latest news, interviews and more.

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DigitallyAfflicted61d ago

I’m getting confused with all the technical specifications of both consoles. Let's see the games!!!

sho0ok_261d ago

4 days to go.

We saw 12 games already.

sho0ok_261d ago

@cap u are right 3 days. I missed work yesterday, that's why I forgot one day. :)

61d ago
MoonConquistador61d ago

That was a deep dive?

That was a painful watch

ASSASSYN61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

Xbox gamers went into last gen with little confidence due to a weaker system. The 9th gen is already shaping up to be infinitely better. Proud of what microsoft is doing. They defintely learned from last gen and it is showing already. Can't wait for Thursday.

FyBy61d ago

They definitely built powerful machine. Im curious about price.

ssj2761d ago (Edited 61d ago )

mm if lockart is real xbox will again have the weaker console and if rumors are true it will be a huge gap, games have to be developed for the sad 2.0 it will even help back ps5 games multiplataforms.

Lunching the pro day 1 doesn't take out the fact that it wont have games made for it but for the weaker denominator.

I can see huge amounts of third party devs making games exclusively to ps5 and pc this next gen due to this.

Microsoft will lose the gen huge time if sad 2.0 is true this is a fact

Good-Smurf61d ago

You ain't getting anything deep when its nothing but two talking heads in two small webcam windows.

Edito61d ago

People laughed when Sony did a deep dive tech on the PS5 and now Microsoft is doing it very separately and that is fine.

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