Here's a Rare Look at a PS3 Prototype Console in Action

While almost every gamer in the world knows what a PS3 retail unit looks like, we now have a rare look at a PS3 prototype console that actually works.

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RaidenBlack71d ago

Looks as if Sony told IBM, "umm .... for the time being, can you build a case to house the Cell processor you designed? While we finish the final PS3 design in collaboration with George Foreman's design team."

bouzebbal70d ago

Wrong, this is a slim prototype and not the OG.
The original didn't have that boot screen.

Ratchet7570d ago

Maybe because that person updated the system.

bouzebbal70d ago

The power eject buttons are from the slim.. The original had touch buttons

70d ago
Newmanator70d ago

I love PlayStation but this is hilariously accurate

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1nsomniac70d ago (Edited 70d ago )

Looks like a fake to me. It’s running jailbroken firmware “Rebug” that’s why it has the debug options. It’s not official.

MecheSlays70d ago

I think thats the case. The power and eject buttons are from the slim version of the console so its definitely not a prototype i dont think.

Obelisk9270d ago

I agree, everything looks pretty much in place like in the final slim version. It looks like a slim ps3 with rebug firmware and a 3D printed case over the regular case.

renanbianchi70d ago (Edited 70d ago )

Fake as hell as it's using a rebug CFW. Just a hacked slim with a 3D printed case and some stickers and markers.

MALVAD069d ago

And way better than XsX 😎

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The story is too old to be commented.