Experts Weigh PS5 vs XSX / Inside Unreal Event (RGN Today #8)

Jon of RGN writes, "As Inside Unreal Event takes a closer look at Gears on Xbox Series X, the Round 3 Debate of our PlayStation 5 vs Xbox Series X research commences. This time I’ve taken my own analysis out of the equation for this one as experts provide their differing opinions on the next-gen hardware levels offered by each platform-holder. We’ve also covered the recent news, today in gaming history, and upcoming titles that look to bring a “truly next-gen” experience to the table."

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DigitallyAfflicted1170d ago (Edited 1170d ago )

It seems like youtubers trying to cash in on novelty of next-gen consoles being hot topic. The best example is carp gamer channel...

Hitman07691170d ago

Digital Foundry are the experts, they weighing it. You have a right to disagree or not care it’s all good - but yes it is a major hot topic even if someone was not a YouTuber every new console gen launch has been a big deal even before YouTube existed as a website.


Viveport Celebrates 7th Anniversary With Three Awesome Free Games

HTC Vive's Viveport celebrates its 7th anniversary with three awesome free games for new and existing subscribers.

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Valve Loses EU Appeal Over €1.6 Million Fine For Geo-Blocking Practices

Valve loses €1.6 million EU fine appeal for practicing geo-blocking and violating EU's single market strategy.


New "Exclusive" Spider-Man 2 Suits to be Revealed at Comic Con Next Month

Exclusive new Spider-Man 2 suits will be revealed as part of Marvel LIVE! at New York Comic Con next month.

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Abnor_Mal2d ago

I will be there, will be my third time going to nycc.

Already reserved the deluxe edition of the game, just waiting for it to be downloadable then unlocked.

Huey_My_D_Long2d ago

I like this game...but....ngl seeing alot news about costumes for promotional work is not exciting.

neomahi1d 16h ago

....... How is it exclusive when the game is only on PS5? That's a rather liberal use of the word and really takes away from what it represents. Exclusive is just a word now, it used to actually mean something. Once timed-exclusive came about, it lost its pop

BlaqMagiq11d 13h ago

I think they mean as in never before seen anywhere Spider-Man related and will debut in the game.

CobraKai1d 8h ago

Could be this. It’s the only explanation. Or the reveal itself is a Con exclusive?

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CrimsonWing691d 11h ago (Edited 1d 11h ago )

Was there a comic-con suit in the last game? I could be wrong, but it was a cel-shaded (at least I think that’s the one) and it was one of my favorite suits to use.

I welcome all these suits! Hope there’s even more! I enjoyed switching out suits throughout the last game.

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