"Hideo Kojima is the man": An Interview w/Tommie Earl Jenkins

Joining us this week is Tommie Earl Jenkins, actor, musician, stage performer, and the voice of Death Stranding’s Die-Hardman. We discuss what it was like working with industry icon Hideo Kojima, the AAA gaming industry, and his most memorable scene in Death Stranding:

“The wonderful thing was having Norman [Reedus] there. If it wasn’t for him and his commitment -because he does very little, but he does a lot – to stand there and be so connected with me visually, it absolutely propelled everything to where to needed to go.”

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chiefJohn11769d ago

Kojima is the most overrated dev in the gaming industry today. Wtf has this dude done in the last 10 years that deserves sooo much respect?

Eamon69d ago

I do agree that Hideo Kojima is extremely overhyped, especially nowadays, and that he has attracted a huge cult following in both players and deves.


He is definitely one of the greatest and most creative videogame developers in history. Many of his titles are timeless and most of them have been hugely innovative. Death Stranding has many major flaws but none can deny that is is a very unique and special game that does many things that has never been seen in any other videogame.

And let's not forget the MGS series. Some may see Kojima's stories as hugely convoluted and pretentious. I counter that by saying he has amazing narrative ideas but needs to collaborate with a sufficient story editor to iron and gloss it into perfection.

Scissorman8269d ago

Death Stranding is a game that I think everyone should try. The game's industry has become so predictable lately and long comes this game that does something so completely different. Anyone is free to say what they want about Kojima, but he's taking chances and trying to elevate the medium - and that's something that should be celebrated.

Baza69d ago (Edited 69d ago )

Dude chill. All he does is makes games and quite humble about it. Not his fault people elevate him whether you agree or not.

Shezgear68d ago

If it wasn't for TPP being released unfinished by konami it would be one of the best MGS titles to date. Also look at what he did with PT. His first attempt at horror genre.

And death stranding. Took a risk and delivered! Maybe not for ppl who didnt play the game or went in with walking simulator attitude. It was an amazing and very unique experience.

And btw 10 year isn't too much in gaming. Maybe 1 or 2 AAA titles. He didnt get to finish TPP and look where konami went after that..

itsfunkky68d ago

metal gear solid series alone defines what he has done in this industry. respect that.

Rocketisleague68d ago

PT revived horror genre, thought other companies cough capcom how to do it again

Takes risks

Metal gear

itsfunkky68d ago

extually.. look at all these recent PT revisions that no one thought of until Kojima did it first with that type of style.

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Yui_Suzumiya69d ago

Snatcher is still my favorite Kojima game

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