PSi: Resistance 2 Review

PSi writes: "Resistance 2 picks up two years after the first game with Nathan playing the part of a science experiment in a medical facility hidden in San Francisco Bay. Nathan's virus continues to spread and there's no chance of a cure. That is the least of Nathan's problems -- the Chimera have finally made their big push on the United States.

Everything about Resistance 2 is bigger and better than the first game. Locations are meticulously detailed to the point that it almost seems like the art team took two passes on each - one before and one after the Chimeran Invasion. As US-centric as this sounds, seeing Europe leveled and infected is one thing, but seeing notable American landmarks in shambles has a pretty powerful weight to it. There's more variety in the types of enemies you'll face, which fixes one of the first game's bigger issues. You'll still see one type of enemy more times than you care to count, but at least there's more variety."

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