Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Remastered - Ditching Local Co-op is a Huge Mistake

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is a game built on the foundation of co-op, but recent changes from Square Enix are raising some eyebrows.

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Pyrofire95987d ago

It's a bit of a bummer but it kinda never had a regular local co-op anyway, if there was more than one player everyone needed their own gameboy. Now everyones console is the gameboy and the internet is the Gamecube.

DarkZane987d ago

You need to stop. Even if it did had local coop, it's not like it would actually make the game good. You can add a fresh new coat of paint to it, but it's still the same mediocre game we got on gamecube.

Positivelypositive 987d ago

Using the name Final Fantasy to sell whatever this thing was back in the day a huge mistake. I bought it expecting a final fantasy game. I don't know what I got but since I didn't have 3 friends lined up with GBA's ready to go. I got a lackluster and boring experience. That was the first time the name Final Fantasy on a game betrayed me. Final Fantasy 11 was an MMO. What was final fantasy changed completely. I enjoyed the Crystal Bearers but the game glitched on me and I was never able to finish it. Only with the Final Fantasy VII Remake has a game really felt like Final Fantasy since then.