Kojima's Fox Engine is dead with Konami opting to use Unreal Engine 5 for future projects

Built by the old Konami-owned Kojima Productions with the goal of creating the “best engine in the world, the Fox Engine now seems to have no future at the Japanese company.

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Sonic-and-Crash94d ago (Edited 94d ago )

offcourse ...Konami probably lost all the staff that knew how to handle the engne ....shame to not be in Kojima productions hands , it was their own creation... Fox engine was indeed one of the best engines- if not the best .. its photorealistc results were unbelivable and no contemporary (out of the box -without further developping ) engine could match her, no engine could have such results on PS3 with a cross gen game

Prappit93d ago

Unfortunately the engine itself is not sunshine and rainbows. It's well known to be a pain to work with, similar to cryengine 2/3, and mgsv managed good visuals and high frame rates/resolutions due to low triangle count and high asset reuse (less memory bandwidth constraints for asset streaming when you're loading 1024*1024 (lower even in many cases) tiling world textures versus 2048^2 or even 4096^2 for environment maps in other games. The only things that stand out about it are PBR lighting which is now in every game, and view distances, but that came at the cost of world quality. Even character models were noticably lower poly and lower texture resolution compared to contemporaries on both platforms.

bouzebbal93d ago

Konami still making games? Such a monument becoming irrelevant. They've done so much for gaming

lazyboyblue93d ago

Fox engine was great but probably didn't run well on Pachincko machines.

RaidenBlack94d ago

Konami needs a potent dev team for a 'proper' future MGS title.
If an internal team is going to handle the project, then which game engine will they use?
Fox Engine like MGSurvive? Or will they also transition to UE?
MGS series is known for using state of the art proprietary game engines.

Shane Kim94d ago

Hope it's not going to be as glossy and shiny as it was during ps3/360 era.

KyRo94d ago

That was a old Unreal Engine 3 problem. Looked like everything was smeared in vaseline.

L7CHAPEL93d ago

army of two: 40th day.
that game looked like every single object in it has been covered in cooking oil.
it was absurd

BiofourceGun93d ago

"That was a old Unreal Engine 3 problem. Looked like everything was smeared in vaseline."

yeah i think you forgot how overly dry everything looked in Gears 2006.

nowitzki200494d ago

UE5 must be really great. Cant wait to see some games that come out of it.

monkey60294d ago

Such a waste. It was an awesome engine

East76lands94d ago

Could someone like Sony not buy the rights to the engine?

isarai94d ago

It would be less hassle to just develop something new.

JackBNimble93d ago

Why would they bother when they just put $250 mil into UE5 ?

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The story is too old to be commented.