Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Confirmed to Have X-Ray Assassinations

Ubisoft officially confirmed that upcoming video game Assassin’s Creed Valhalla will have x-ray assassinations.

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NapalmSanctuary72d ago

This series had a great start but they failed to recognize its strength. It has been going downhill ever since.

NapalmSanctuary71d ago

AC1 was the only game in the series that had truly memorable assassination scenarios. Its also the only one that had a hard gameplay focus on those assassinations. Every game since has been progressively more watered down with dumb stuff busy work for gameplay filler. AC2 and AC:BF were decent but they lack the assassination focus of the first title. AC1 isn't perfect but its a damn good game. All it really needed to fix was the pre-canned method of gathering information, add a day/night cycle, add a jump button so you could properly do a death from above (instead of locking on to an enemy below and walking off the ledge), strengthen the the stealth aspect of the game with a crouch walk button and (most important) loosen up the scenarios a bit, allowing the player to be more creative with the main assassinations.

72d ago
ajax1772d ago

Wtf does that even mean?

Spenok70d ago

Reading the article helps give you that answer.