Interview with Xbox boss - Phil Spencer talks about the most important thing about the Xbox Series X

What does Xbox boss Phil Spencer actually think about the next gen? How does it compare to alternative price models, as presented by the competition? How important does he think cloud gaming is? He answered all these questions and many more in an exclusive interview for the Webedia Group's outlets (which also include GameStar and GamePro).


The Gamespot article makes an assumption that Phil said first party studios can make Series X exclusive games, this statement hasn't been corrected but it hasn't been verified either. The original article uses a different headline

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Thundercat771235d ago

Not quite set in stone and yet Xbox officially stated that there is not going to be Xbox series x exclusives for at least a year.

If you are not yet sure, wait til you are clear about it because this reminds me the beginning of this Gen when Xbox was on total 180 u turns.

Z23ash1235d ago

No they didn’t. There are already multiple series x exclusives announced.

What Phil actually said is their 1st party studios have the option to make cross gen games

chiefJohn1171235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

No they didn't, you heard from someone that work for them but it wasn't an official statement. For some reason you guys ran with that narrative

TranceHop 1235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

Hellblade 2 will be Xbox Series X/ PC exclusive

ocelot071235d ago

Question and this is genuine. How how can it be exclusive if it's on two platforms? Like would it not he silly if I said well hitman 3 is going to be exclusive to ps5/xsx/pc?

Dissidia1235d ago

Same way death stranding and hzd are exclusive. Not on one platform, but also not on Xbox.

_dangerclose_1235d ago


Death Stranding and HZD are no longer exclusive and neither is anything on xbox.

Imalwaysright1235d ago

The way TranceHop phrased it is correct. If he said that Hellblade was just a PC exclusive or just a Series X exclusive it would be incorrect.

Imortus_san1235d ago

Hellblade 2 is a MS exclusive game.

rainslacker1234d ago (Edited 1234d ago )

Then Horizon: Zero Dawn is a Sony exclusive game. Madden is a EA exclusive game. COD is an activision exclusive game. So on and so forth.

I love how we make up new categories for MS for things which have never needed them in the past. MS is basically a third party publisher, with their own console, and now a content delivery service(soon to be two officially launched).

Nothing wrong with that, but the spinning to try and make it a win for Xbox itself for this silly console war is rather ridiculous.

Just to note, I was never against MS putting their games on PC, and I don't care if Sony does it. My only interest in the debate is purely philosophical on the meaning for how it may or may not effect a consoles sales because I find such things interesting.

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sprinterboy1235d ago

Only sold 1m on xbox, so gonna be another hard sell getting more fans onboard if they didn't play the 1st? It's one of them games which probably doesn't really sell well to the casual crowd? Hope it sells well though, great studio and great 1st game.

chiefJohn1171235d ago

Sequels tend to sell better plus it now has a trillion dollars company backing it with a bigger budget for marketing. I wouldn't be concerned bout sells

darthv721235d ago

So what about those who played the 1st on gamepass? They suddenly no longer count because they arent "sales"?

rainslacker1234d ago

1st is available on multiple platforms, and they could probably put it on Game Pass to help promote it for the sequel. It wouldn't be unheard of to promote a game in that way.

Plus, depending on the story, it may not require knowing the first game, which was more a journey inside Sansua's own mind. Personally, I'm not even sure how a sequel could be made of the same character, since the story wasn't really set up for that kind of thing. But, it'll be interesting to see how they approach it.

ElementX1235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

In the interview, Phil talks about "creators", not first party devs. I submitted this article, but I think Gamespot might be misinterpreting what Phil meant. They haven't updated the article to reflect any errors, though

yarbie10001235d ago

first party devs aren't creators now?

If you watch the video he says our studios in his answer.

Either he's limiting all his devs or he's giving freedom to all devs. Either way, Xbox's PR is a mess

ElementX1235d ago

He said "if a creator comes to us"... that could mean 3rd party devs. He didn't say "our" creators.

darthv721235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

3rd party partners and creators are free to make what they want. It could be xbo exclusive, sx exclusive, cross generational... it's their choice. All MGS games that are near release as well as those currently in development to be released within the next 1-2 years will be cross generational. those that are outside that 2 year mark are also under no obligation to be SX titles and could also be cross generational. It is their choice if they want to continue to support the xbo or if they want to be fully exclusive to the SX.

neutralgamer19921235d ago

We will see after launch which approach gamers prefer because both companies are taking on next gen consoles in different ways. Sony is ready to move on knowing 3rd parties will support PS4 for a while due to its market share so they can focus on must have ps5 games while Ms wants to support all it's platforms for at least the initial 1-2 years

Once both consoles are out and at least 6 months have passed only than can we get accurate stats on what gamers preferred (btw I am not saying which approach is right or wrong it's just that lets stop hating one or the other until we have some numbers)

chiefJohn1171235d ago

6 months? Uhhh you won't be seeing many must have exclusives in the 1st 6 months ijs. Add an additional year to that 6 month estimate

rainslacker1234d ago (Edited 1234d ago )

I think it would take longer than 6 months to see the long term effects. Plus, MS is still coming into the gen handicapped because of the market share discrepency this gen. At best, we might see how it effects the start of the generation, but generally speaking, if a company doesn't have a strong start, then they tend to struggle the rest of the gen. Or at least not gain market share compared to the competition.

Unfortunately, it's all those finer details and less obvious things which rarely get considered for actual discussion on these topics, which is a shame, because I find them more interesting...albeit require lots of explanation to really explain sometimes.

I do think that chief has a point though. The effect of exclusives on a consoles sales may have more obvious measures when they finally start releasing exclusives on the new hardware(actual vs console exclusive debate notwithstanding). But, some of this can be measured already with what we commonly refer to as system sellers. There are quite a few games that when they release, we see a surge in consoles sales. If MS has these, then two comparable games....lets say Halo and then Gears, or a second Halo, we can measure the sales of a system when one is cross-gen, and then again when one is exclusive, and see the relative bump to sales to make a more accurate, or at least more informed argument on the subject.

In my opinion, the launch window of a console only shows how eager people are to move onto a next gen, and how well that company did on selling people on their new console. It is not a metric of how well the console will do for it's lifetime....although a strong start does tend to mean a strong generation. It's hard to go backwards when you have momentum, and while it's hard, it's not impossible to move forward if you stall out of the gate.