Ghost of Tsushima 2018 vs 2020 Comparison

A look at how Ghost of Tsushima's look has changed in the two years since its gameplay debut at E3 2018.

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stonecold395d ago

I just started few hrs in love this game so far it right up there last of us 2

Bathyj95d ago

It's absolutely mesmerising. The artistic direction is astounding.

And I heard it was a bit easy so I'm playing it on hard and let me tell you it's not easy. It's got that great feel that games like Ninja gaiden had where any lone random soldier can mess you up in seconds if you're not concentrating.

Nitrowolf295d ago

I think they patched it to up the difficulty tbh, because I played pre launch and after that 1.04 update it feels like even grunts are starting to kick my ass

nix95d ago

I had to switch from Medium to Easy. 🤷

Z50195d ago

This is why I believe they didn't put a lock-on in the game. A fight with multiple enemies makes you think, instead of flailing around. It then becomes about spacing & footwork that YOU create. Not the lock-on.

I was worried when I heard no lock-on. Now, I love the combat.

Hellcat202095d ago (Edited 95d ago )

Not even close
GoT I’m finding to be very boring but I’m only a few hours into it .
For whatever reason I just can’t find the energy to sit through it for longer sessions.
It’s a borefest so far.
Hopefully it picks up the pace.
I will say that the 3D audio on headphones is truly amazing.
I wish the Last of us 2 had 3D audio

Flan95d ago

Off topic.I think the Japanese voice acting is better than the English in GOT, but the problem is when I used Japanese audio language most of the time I’m focusing on the subtitle instead of the cutscenes. -_-“

TheColbertinator95d ago

Typical when you don't understand the language. You lose focus on the cinematics because you require subtitles.

pornflakes95d ago (Edited 95d ago )

Same for me with RDR 2. I actually play the game for the first time and i am missing so much of the beautiful world :-/

RgR95d ago

With practice it becomes easier. I watch anime in Japanese with English subtitles and I no longer miss anything. Kind of strange to explain it but you learn to look at the whole image and read it. I don't miss anything on the screen because of the subtitles.

sprinterboy95d ago

That's why you leave it for your 2nd playthrough?

victorMaje95d ago

Agreed, I just switched to English voice so I can focus more easily on the screen. I’ll switch back to Jap if I ever do a 2nd playthrough which is very likely :)
Awesome gameplay, the mood & sounds are absolutely wonderful, & with the minimal UI option, I’m immersed, game is amazing!

DrDeath95d ago

Yup I switched back to English so i could actually watch lol

And you can easily miss in game dialogue

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AspiringProGenji95d ago (Edited 95d ago )

Similar to infamous SS, they just changed the time of day. Why is the comment section on IGN saying it is a downgrade? I see the graphics were upgraded specially in that stealth section. I have yet to play tbe game so I don’t know if weather is dynamic

starchild95d ago

The lighting and weather can vary a lot and it can change the look of an area dramatically. I don't think the game has been downgraded. They've made artistic changes but overall the game is just as impressive looking as the first couple of trailers.

dangerousbrian095d ago

Dont get me wrong the game is amazing as it is but why as normal does the E3 2018 Gameplay Debut Trailer look a little better maybe it is the cinematic atmosphere in the trailer compared to the released game


I’m enjoying it so far. Been playing it pretty much none stop since yesterday. I love the combat once I got the hang of it. I’m definitely going archer

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