No Man's Sky sees 1 million new players thanks to Xbox Game Pass

Sean Murray has revealed that No Man's Sky saw a huge boost in player numbers thanks to its inclusion into Xbox Game Pass.

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BeRich23363d ago

That's insane, this game came out years ago. I played it until I finally got into my aircraft, then I uninstalled, not my type of game.

Toiletsteak62d ago

Was it because of the controls when flying? Because that's why I stopped playing and refunded it.

Locutus_of_borg62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

You played it longer than myself then..... i realised after 5 minutes that it wasnt my kind of game... maybe i should of given it more time, and had i paid full price for it then i would of... i downloaded off gamepass, so there for had no respect for the game.....

IRetrouk62d ago

The game was much easier at launch, they have actually over complicated everything, from getting fuel to making parts you need for engines etc is now a much more drawn out process, I came back to it after about a year of updates, it's almost a different game and I'm not really liking it as much as I did.

ramtah62d ago

this game still relevent?!

Atom66662d ago

Just saw 1 million new players. Got an article written about it. Caused you to comment.

So yeah, checks out as "relevant" apparently.

King_Noctis62d ago

Seeing a million more people just download it on Gamepass, I’d say yes, pretty much.

phoenixwing62d ago

i bought this game for playstation it was a mistake, not as bad as buying destiny though

itsmebryan62d ago

From what I understand it was updated and was much improved once it got to Xbox. I might give it a try.

timotim62d ago

This is exactly my point about services vs buying. I dont NEED to own every game I play. I only buy the games I KNOW I will want to own and play for years to come. Everything else, I wait for XGP and play it there. Ive completed a fair share of games only played through XGP and now that Ive finished the game, I have no desire to go back to it...did I really need to have bought it in that case...

phoenixwing62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

i still like owning games tim. just because i made a few bad purchases doesn't mean i don't have a library that can be taken away if a company arbitrarily decides one day they don't want to support my gaming hobby

although i did just buy gamepass for 1 dollar a few days ago. it was a really tempting offer for my pc

timotim62d ago

Wasnt my point... I like owning games too...thats not what I said. I said I dont need to own every game I play. Clearly you proved this point. You wanted to play it so bad without actually understanding what the game played like and if it would be for you. Same with Destiny. For those kinds of games...I rather wait until they hit XGP then I could try it with the full cost of the price upfront. If I end up liking/loving the game...I even have the option of purchasing it at a discounted price.

phoenixwing62d ago

i bought destiny to play with a friend at the time and then they flaked out it was a complete waste for me. but yeah it's real rare for me to buy a game i don't like

Leemundo62d ago

Game Pass is like Blockbusters for me, or an extended game demo. I buy games I know I will love, I play games on Game Pass that I otherwise would never play, and that has led to some great insights into other styles and genres. Can't complain at all.

ForwardDude62d ago

Do the game have microtransaction? If not, why would it matter how many players play it? It's free, so yes people will try it for free. That's the whole point. Maybe it's to encourage other players to buy it on PS4? If you don't already have a PC or an Xbox, Gamepass is 1$ to try, no point of buying it on PC or Xbox and if you have a friend who want to try it, just tell him that Gamepass is 1$ for a month. But maybe No Man Sky have micro transaction, I don't remember. I bought it at the start of this year while it was on sale and it was ok, but I stopped playing it after a while.

Atom66662d ago

Those $1 subs sure seem to last. Seems like people have been using that excuse for 3 years now...

But to help answer your point, high engagement numbers help drive additional revenue with or without MTs. People w/o gamepass buy games that are getting played by friends and family. Expansions and DLC get made/purchased.

Devs get paid to add the games to services like GP, Now, or PS+, then they see that residuals come in from other consumers buying the game as result of the influx of popularity.

Sunny_D62d ago

I’m pretty sure they have had the 1 dollar deal as of this year though....

Atom66662d ago (Edited 62d ago )


Yes, it does seem strange that every time any remotely positive GP numbers get shared, we always hear about how it's just those $1 players, doesn't it?

Maybe people create new XB gamertags every month just to play GP killer apps like NMS for that introductory deal.

Or maybe it's a tired excuse from people trying to downplay the popularity of the service.

Guess we'll never know the answer!

SonyStyled62d ago

I’m pretty sure most PS4/PC users who where interested already tried it prior to Xbox launch, but I love to see it get the player base for those who weren’t interested in purchasing. To be honest, I’ve never played it on my own, aside from visiting my friend once. But if I was interested enough to give it another go, I would use GameStop’s 1 week rental/return policy on used games. Was able to Platinum FC New Dawn that way in 6 days. Used my points to buy the game, and when I returned it they gave me cash. I couldn’t believe it that they paid me cash to play there game!

IRetrouk62d ago

You can get the deals multiple times, thats100% fact, ms throws them out regularly, I have used it countless times now since gamepass launched, it's not an excuse for anything though, just is what it is.

ocelot0762d ago


Not sure how it works on Xbox and this is by no means downplaying gamepass I love it. But the $1/£1 offer is also available for accounts that have had GP in the past. Like I have been subbing for 8 or 9 months on PC now and only 2 of them months I have had to pay £4 per month. The tick is leaving auto renewal off then letting the sub expire then a few days later £1 for 1 month will show aether one GP ultimate or standard.

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