Xbox Series X should support all your Xbox One games, assuming they don't use Kinect

It looks like the Xbox Series X won't support Xbox One's Kinect games

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mrsolidsteel2030d ago

That's good, because I don't have one kinect game.

RaidenBlack30d ago

But what about the Series X Optimized Ray-traced 4K 60fps Fighter Within?

starsi36029d ago

Sorry but you''ll have to do without, fighter.

AngelicIceDiamond28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Those 2 fans in the stadium are pretty vocal about their Kinect fighter. Very upsetting for them.

FallenAngel198429d ago

Funny how PS5 will continue to have a webcam accessory but Microsoft has completely abandoned webcams of any kind

CaptainCook29d ago

You can use any webcams on Xbox Series X including Kinect. With kinect you can just use an adapter.

ABizzel129d ago

PS5's camera is needed because it ties into PSVR, as CaptainCook said you can use any USB camera on both.


Who cares PS 5 is completely underpowered trash

Angrymorgan29d ago

Yea because that extra 1.2 tflops is a huge gap....

Minute Man 72129d ago (Edited 29d ago )

@ Angry

But the 0.5 TF between the PS4 n X1 did made a difference. 720/900p (X1) vs 1080p (PS4)

ZeroBlue229d ago

Underpowered trash that will have the best looking games of the gen, just like it does every gen. Nevermind the massive i/o and SSD advantage.

RazzerRedux29d ago

@Minute Man 721

It is called "diminishing returns". And yes, 720p to 1080p is more noticeable visual upgrade that 1440p to 4k. DF pointed this out succinctly when they called this the "post-resolution era".

rockwhynot28d ago

trash haha. just garbage. Dat would be funny going to a friend's house, opening up da trash can and seeing a PS5 in there in 2020 and not bat an eyelid.

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Knightofelemia29d ago

It should support all XB1 games except the Kinect games I doubt developers are going to reprogram their games that use the Kinect. And I highly doubt Microsoft is going to drop a patch for the Kinect to work on Series X.

Profchaos29d ago

I'd doubt anyone will be heartbroken there was some pretty horrible integration with Kinect in games that launched on X1 like getting red carded for swearing at your tv in FIFA or driving in need for speed.

Thankfully that trend died about three months into the X1 lifecycle

BlackIceJoe29d ago

This is disappointing, maybe in the future Microsoft will add Kinect compatibility to the Xbox Series X.

I know I'm in the minority, but I did enjoy the Kinect for the few games that were made for it, like Kinect Sports.

Maybe a few years down the road, bringing back Kinect for a third version will be possible, so people have the option to play games with Kinect.

Just this time don't have Kinect forced upon people. Give people the option to buy a Kinect or be perfectly alright without one.

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The story is too old to be commented.