Microsoft releases new in-engine teaser clip for Halo: Infinite

Microsoft and 343 Industries have released a new in-engine teaser clip for Halo: Infinite.

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Master-Tonberry16d ago (Edited 16d ago )

Looking forward to playing this on PC, and given that all Microsoft first party games have to work on the Xbox One it shouldn't be too demanding to run. The question is, will PC be able to match or exceed the XBSX on visuals/performance?
Given that the Ampere and possibly big Navi GPU's should be available by then, I would think yes.

ZeroBlue216d ago

I'm sure it'll exceed the visuals and performance, but if they develop for Xbox with the SSD in mind, it'll have certain advantages over the PC version. I think we'll be seeing this a lot in the coming gen. The hard drive is basically 40 year old technology, and now that SSDs are pretty cheap, I think consoles will lead the way in making them the standard for gaming.

djplonker16d ago


I have had an ssd in every pc I have owned in the past 15 years?

Nothing is special about them now they are finally being used in consoles, its just console's catching up to pc tech, also there will be far far far better ssd's available for pc once the series x and ps5 hit the market.

Master-Tonberry16d ago


"if they develop for Xbox with the SSD in mind"

That's the thing, they can't develop with the SSD in mind as all first party games have to be able to run on the Xbox One.
They could possibly make the engine scale to take advantage of the XBSX hardware but they can't design a game that is only possible on it. Hence the "optimized for XBSX" logo.

AngelicIceDiamond16d ago

MS SSD is custom made and not just a expensive off the shelf PC part. MS is most likely using the Velocity architecture to bring it to levels that that PC can't rival yet. MS announced you'll see the advancements on PC down the line. Still impressive we're getting next ultra PC quality on X Series.

Ashunderfire8616d ago (Edited 16d ago )


Yes SSD is good for faster load times, but you misunderstood what he was trying to say about next gen consoles leading the way for SSD gaming. For those 15 years you had SSD on PC none of Those third party games and many games on PC only took full advantage of SSD. We have been dealing with mechanical hard drive gaming for a long time, an majority of PC games are third party games on consoles as well, so all PC had was the scale up version of those games with better graphics and framerate, but the game design was fundamentally the same.

That is the key the change in game design when it comes to SSD. We all saw that with Rachet and Clank for PS5! An how Tim Sweeney from Epic games proven a random YouTuber like Linus whatever his name is, wrong about the power of the PS5 compare to PC! We often forget that none of these consoles are in our hands yet so we have no say so, an the game developers know more than us gamers because they are designing their games right now on PS5 and Series X. Yes console will lead the way for SSD gaming because the developers all confirmed this, which means PC gaming requirements will have to change. You all forgetting about the underpowered Xbox Lockhart that will have the same AMD Ryzen 2.0 architecture as Series X. Yes the lower common denominator PCs specs will have to be equal or better to that console.

Ashunderfire8616d ago (Edited 16d ago )

An another thing no not all games has to run on Xbox One. Why are people forgetting about The Medium and Scorn you do know those 2 games was confirmed to be Xbox Series X exclusives right? Those games just can’t run on Xbox One. More than likely Lockhart but not Xbox One.

CyberCowboy 16d ago

X86 games scale , so just because it can run scaled down on older hardware don’t mean the fully scaled up with ray tracing won’t need some power. I mean take Gears 5 , it runs on Xbox one but on series X it’s pushing 50 % more particle effects than on ultra pc settings. So depends on how you wanna run it on your pc. But the series X is rumored to be running Halo infinite with lots of ray tracing to show off some of what the series x can push.

rlow116d ago

Yeah, but the question really come down to costs. How much better will the graphics be and will it be worth the price of admission? Possibly $500 vs hundreds to thousands more. The reason people buy consoles is because they are plug and play, inexpensive, fair playing environment and in the case of next gen, one hell of kick in the graphics department. For the money spent the next gen consoles are the better machine. Plus with the money saved can invest in a better monitor, tv or more games.

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DOMination-16d ago

This has a whiff of one of those once in a generation games like FF7, Half Life 1 and Ryse. At this point I would pay for a demo

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Master-Tonberry16d ago

Ryse!!! Ha ha ha ha ha! that's funny!

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RaidenBlack16d ago

I would say Ryse's a decent effort from Crytek, who are primarily FPS focused devs.
But mentioning it as in the same league as FF7 and HL1 is a bit too much.

lazyboyblue16d ago

Ryse was the perfect Xbox launch game. All graphics but lacking in creativity and innovation.

Dissidia16d ago (Edited 16d ago )

I was with you until you mentioned RYSE???

I played the game. Good graphics but, it should never be mentioned in the same thought process as FF7 or Half Life 1.

Was this comment a joke? Lol

nowitzki200416d ago

Even Ryse devs dont agree with him lol

Tacoboto16d ago

Let's never encourage paying for a demo again 😜
Last time we did that for Halo, Crackdown turned into a franchise...

jbrock1116d ago

Lol, no. This won't even be as good as Halo 1 and Halo 1 wasn't even anywhere near FF7 level.

Charal16d ago

Are you out of your mind? Paying for a demo?

feedurhabit15d ago

I know we're beating a dead horse here, but Ryse? Seriously? Das ist humourspielen?

Smclaren198515d ago

You get all that from that???!! On yourself mate lol

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Tacoboto16d ago

Love the excitement in the tweet responses, and Xbox joining in. Couldn't be more excited to finally see it next week!

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