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IRetrouk30d ago

Fair play ms, that's some deal.

RazzerRedux30d ago

Indeed it is. Will be interesting to see what the pricing structure will be once Game Pass for PC comes out of beta and non-Ultimate options for xCloud become available. Ultimate is a bit of a waste for PC gamers who don't need Xbox consoles. But overall, this is a great deal for those who will take advantage of it.

VenomUK30d ago

xCloud is almost ready and it is set to be in a great position to offer a complementary service to existing Xbox owners who will be able to launch any included Game Pass game immediately as well as being able to continue their games when away from home.

More tantalising still is that next year it will offer Xbox Series X hardware and performance, meaning you will be able to play Xbox Series X games without even having to own a console.

Wikkid66630d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Price is already known.
$9.99 for GamePass
$14.99 for Ultimate

Dissidia30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Well said Razz, I agree

IRetrouk30d ago

Yeah, will be interesting to see, I can see ultimate going up in price a bit when they do, still it's a good deal, my son gets use out of my subscription, so does my daughter(pc) and me obviously lol I honestly didnt think they would throw xcloud into ultimate for nothing though, have to give em props for that.

RazzerRedux30d ago


That is the price for Game Pass for Xbox consoles. I'm talking about PC Game Pass and the pricing for subscribing to xCloud without Ultimate. That is not known.

bouzebbal29d ago

is the xcloud also going to be available on android?

IRetrouk29d ago

Has been since the previews started, I've had it from release on android

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Atom66630d ago

It was sort of expected, but still a good move for users. Ultimate is the package they really want us invested into.

$14.99 for console GP, PC GP, XBL, GWG, and now streaming is a great package for people who use most or all of those services.

Curious what other bundles or even seperate prices we'll see.

IRetrouk30d ago

I honestly didnt expect it, it was a pleasant surprise lol

The_Hooligan30d ago

indeed it is. That is a fantastic value.

Marquinho29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

5 Years ago nobody would've believed there would be a service offering 200+ downloadable games on console + PC access, including every first party game + cloud gaming + Online Gaming Service for USD14.99 a month.

It's almost surreal.

timotim29d ago

They making moves man...and they making them FAST!

joejoejoe29d ago

Is it? Gamepass Ultimate is pretty expensive at $15/month. As far as I know that's the most expensive option among all of its competitors.

IRetrouk29d ago

Yeah it's more expensive, but for what you get it's still a steal, on one subscription me, my wife and two younger kids all get to use it without any fuss, while I'm more of a playstation user myself the value and use cant be denied.

Kavorklestein29d ago

It's the same price as Netflix.
Sure, it's more than any of Sony's separate services, but Sony's would cost More if you were trying to get a set of features to compare with everything Gamepass comes with.
1st party AA-AAA games on day one, being the most significant part of the value in my opinion.

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Felix_Argyle_Catbro30d ago

Game Pass is the greatest gaming service there is. After building my new PC that's all I've been using to play games (besides Epic Games free game offers), and it's been fantastic.

CaptainCook30d ago

I don't know why you're being down voted for liking the service.

Germ_the_Nobody30d ago

Probably for calling it the "greatest" when PS Now is still literally 900x better.

patterson30d ago

Because it’s a Trojan horse and y’all are fools.

Wesker8930d ago

I just use Steam since Xbox Gamepass is very limited on the PC front.

ForwardDude30d ago

Steam and Gamepass are two different thing. Maybe you mean Microsoft Store?

sinspirit30d ago


XBox is an app on PC as well, so you still have "XBox GamePass" as the service but access through the Windows Store.

timotim29d ago

XGP PC is gaining some serious traction reason why you cant game through both. Not every game I wish to own, some I just want to play.

crazyCoconuts30d ago

$5 / month is a great value for PC. It's still OK at $10 / month, depending on your usage. I like to play my games according to my own schedule and based on my interests as opposed to picking from what is available on the service at the time, but if GamePass let's me get around paying full price for 2 $60 games that I would have paid for on my own, I break even at $10 / month.

bouzebbal29d ago

no it's not.. you need to pay extra to play online, except if you have gold or ultimate pass.. so no, GP alone is worthless.. and it's download only, which sucks

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richierich30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

And I thought it was impossible for Stadia to get any less appealing looks like MS are going to do great in the next generation IMO

NeoGamer23227d ago

Yes it is really good that MS chose not to charge an extra price for xCloud. I see this as a supplement to my gaming and MS is giving me with my ultimate gamepass service. That is only good news to me.

TheColbertinator30d ago

Makes sense to include it with Game Pass Ultimate. The idea of another subscription plan would have annoyed me.

joejoejoe29d ago

Yeah, and $15/month is already too expensive.