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CCG writes - "Set after the Oblivion Crisis of the fourth series entry and the Great War that followed but before the events of Skyrim, ES: Blades is a side-story for the Blades, the former bodyguards of the Septim heirs now driven underground and forced to hide from assassins sent by the Aldmeri Dominion. They forced the weakened post-Septim Empire to cut off support for the former Blades after the Great War, and you play as a former Blade now struggling to survive."

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Direwolf48430d ago

Seems like a solid port overall.

GethN729d ago

As I stated in my review, mostly agree, but online stability really needs some work. I actually was really enjoying myself in several dungeon crawls and having the game hang on online lag moments after picking up a treasure chest was a real fun buzzkill.

SegaSaturn66930d ago

This is a microtransaction-filled gatcha "game" and probably the worst of such on the switch. Deserves a 40 topps, this guy is on some serious drugs.

GethN729d ago

Hello, I'm GethN7, aka Daniel Cullen, the guy who wrote that review. You're entitled to your opinion and for the record, you have some good points about it practically begs you to spend money, but I managed to have a decent amount of fun with it without spending a dime anyway. Also, I was completely sober and clean when I wrote the review, and would have rated it higher had it not had online stability issues out the wazoo.

That said, appreciate your dissent anyway, thanks for the comments on my work.