Call of Duty 2020 Leaked On Microsoft Store With Codename, File Size Listed

Call of Duty 2020 doesn't have an official announcement but it is rumored for a while now. A new listing has appeared on the XBL store hinting at the game.

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Father__Merrin75d ago

I hope Activision isn't partnering with Microsoft this generation...

TheEnigma31375d ago (Edited 75d ago )

They’re back and forth like a cheap wh*re

itsfunkky75d ago

they won't, activision partners with the console with the most sales.. which would be the playstation brand.

franwex75d ago

I agree with you.

However Activision loves making stupid deals-like that Modern Warfare PS4 only mode for 1 year. Or getting Modern Warfare 2 campaign 1st. If Microsoft offers them enough money they’ll take it. It could be something as small as an xbox only mode for a whole year too or a month before the competition exclusive maps, etc.

Wikkid66675d ago

So they have a crystal ball and can see the future?

roland8275d ago

Activision partners with whoever gives them money.

GoodGuy0975d ago

Its just a matter of cash really. And dont forget mcsft has a crap load of money too lol. I mean who cares if cod goes with mcsft next gen. Sony will still deliver with the ps5.

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