Gran Turismo Sport - Update Notice (July 16)

Main Features Implemented
1. Livery Editor
 - The Pilot Sport logo from Michelin’s high-performance sports tires is now available. To access the new tire sticker, select "Wheel" and "Tire Sticker" (Standard Sticker) in the Livery Editor.

Other Improvements and Adjustments
- Balance adjustments have been made to the slipstream setting "Real."
- Various other issues have been addressed.

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Knushwood Butt30d ago

Waiting for it to 'copy' now.

Bring on SSD and the touted instantaneous patching.

Knushwood Butt30d ago

Still waiting.....

This is not the dowlnoad; waiting for the 'copy' following the download.

Knushwood Butt29d ago

Cerny talked about that for PS5.

30d ago
Jls130d ago

I stopped playing due to the bad penalty system and Assetto corsa competizione . Hoping the penalty system is fixed.

Keltech30d ago

I have't played the game in 2 months because the penalty system is trash.

EazyC30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Someone please tell me the Peugeot RCZ Gr.4 got nerfed. That thing RUINED Gr.4.

Oxen2129d ago

No need to nerf, that is an amazing car.

EazyC29d ago

Yeah, it makes every other car useless in DR. A. Its straight line speed is way too good

DrDeath30d ago

The car selection sucks imo. Love GT but cant wait for gt7

DrDeath30d ago

Why disagree? There is like 4 chevys.
Only like 4 of each brand of cars

NapalmSanctuary29d ago

I wouldn't pay attention to the number of disagrees. Its just a meaningless number without comments to back them up.

Keltech30d ago

I did't mark you down but i disagree with you. They already have the 2 most popular Chevy cars the Vette and Camaro. What do you want them to add a Malibu?, the V6 Impala?, Blazer?

DrDeath29d ago

I want every generation of each.

I have owned many camaros (2002 SSand a 2010 SS) and neither are available.

Yes i want every single possivble performance car.

2 cars isnt enough. Gt7 will brimg this i hope.

I want holdens as well
Forza has them all

Keltech29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

@DrDeath I know what you mean I owned a '96 Chevy Impala SS with the LT1 V8 engine. I always wanted PD to add that car but they never have. The only time my car has been in a game was in Midnight Club and Forza. Those Camaro's have a more likely chance to be in GT7 than my Impala.