Some Ghost of Tsushima Amazon pre-orders are being delayed

Make sure to check your estimated delivery date if you pre-ordered Ghost of Tsushima on Amazon

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RazzerRedux185d ago

I had to cancel my TLOU 2 preorder and go with Best Buy as Amazon would have been three days late. Didn't even bother with Amazon this time since I figured it would happen again. I'm guessing they are struggling with games that are high in demand.

MagicLebronJordan185d ago (Edited 185d ago )

Same here, Amazon was super slow on delivery date so I canceled it as well. I decided to go with Gamestop for my Ghosts preorder since its less than 5 minutes away.

Xaywhat184d ago

Amazon has been a little lame lately with my preorders. They tasked UPS to deliver TLOU2 to me and it came 3 days late. Now my preorder for special edition Ghost says it won’t be to me until 7/21. Like WTF! I think I’m not preordering from Amazon anymore

184d ago
rainslacker184d ago (Edited 184d ago )

I cancelled my TLOU2 pre-order from Amazon when they said it was being delayed, and when I contacted customer service, they said it was due to CV. I said they've had this game for a week or two before it was supposed to release, and they could have had that stuff ready to go. I ended up getting a last minute pre-order from GameStop, and I'm sure Best Buy, Target, Wal-Mart, or any number of local retailers were happy to take my money instead.

I've been telling them I want a refund on my Prime membership for a few months now, since they can't manage to do the 2 day delivery anymore. I don't blame them for the delays due to having to change their operations given the circumstances, but I don't think I should be required to pay for a service I'm not getting. They won't give me a refund though, so I just turned off the auto-renew. Even before Covid, they were defaulting to this stupid Prime Day delivery on regular stuff.

Funny thing I found out though. Even though I pre-ordered the regular edition from GS, and that's what I picked up and paid for, a week later they called me and asked when I was going to pick up my collectors edition. I had completely forgot I secured a CE of TLOU2 from them back when Best Buy wouldn't let me order one because my credit card expired before the games release. So, I got the CE also.:)

ziggurcat184d ago

There's a certain degree of understanding/patience that one has to have given the current world situation. Shipping delays is just one of those things you gotta suck up for now.

morganfell184d ago (Edited 184d ago )

I do not think this is a mere shipping delay. It seems more like overselling their stock. Some people are being told September. That isn't a shipping delay. And a great many, not all, but quite a few of those shipping issues have been resolved in the past month.

rainslacker183d ago

I'm patient enough. I didn't harass them over it, but it's not just during CV that they are doing this weird stuff with their prime shipping. While I would understand if i ordered it and then didn't get it two days later, they could have had these processed for people ahead of time since they get the games in a week or two before hand. At the very least they could have sent me an email about the delay ahead of schedule so i didn't have to go through the whole cancellation process after my card had been charged.


it's possible. But usually in those instances they wouldn't charge the card until they are getting ready to process the delivery. They do the charge, then send it to be pulled and packaged. They didn't do that with my pre-order.

it's not the end of the world, and I've ordered other things through CV where I expect delays. They haven't been outrageously backed up considering social media pretty much berated them into minimizing their work force during this time....which they should have done in the first place, but retail is all screwed up when they smell dollar signs.

Seraphim184d ago

I quit pre-ordering from Amazon a couple years ago. Which is sad because after Disgaea 1 released on PS2 I've relied on Amazon for all my gaming pre-orders. I was disappointed w/ them removing the $10 off pre-orders for Prime members but kept with them because they use to always have great customer service and deliver day 1. However, about two years ago [?], God of War doesn't make it on release date and there was at least one other game that was late as well. It was at that point I gave up on Amazon. Though Kingdom Hearts 3 did come 1-2 days early lol. For us gamers it's imperative we receive these games on the launch date. Some of us have Prime just for that single fact. Release date delivery.

Over the years Walmart has gotten better than they were in the PS2 era for most games and now we also have a Meijer. Unless it's some obscure game I know or that's likely to not be available in town I just wait until launch day and pick it up. There's never a shortage of a blockbuster game like God of War, Ghost, Spiderman, TLOU2, etc. Even in the rare instance I would pre-order a game from Amazon the limited edition is sold out so F'n fast it's impossible to even buy/pre-order anyway. The moment Ghosts LE was announced I checked Amazon every 30 minutes all night. Next day I found it sold out. be cool to have it but hey, whatever, I saved money. I have too much junk/collectibles/figures around here anyway Lol.

I honestly think Amazon has become too big for their own good. Couple this with them not shipping pre-orders a day sooner to ensure it arrives at launch or to prevent running into a Winter storm that caused delay.... And really, who cares if it's delivered a day before release. With digital you can play the game at midnight anyway. UPS, for me, doesn't even deliver until about 6-7PM; sometimes later.

starchild184d ago

I've had bad experiences with buying games from Amazon. I had to go with the digital version for this game because I couldn't wait to play it. I was able to pre-load it days ago and start playing hours ago. I'm only taking a small break right now. It's an absolutely amazing game so far.

But for those that are trying to get a physical copy I can understand how frustrating it can be when they delay your order.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen184d ago (Edited 184d ago )

I pre-ordered in December last year and my pre-order was delayed 5 days. WTF? I cancelled it and got the digital version.

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phoenixwing184d ago

I bought digital due to pandemic slowing everything

Abnor_Mal184d ago

Same. My local Gamestop closed so I ordered both TLOU2 and Ghost on Amazon. Amazon close to release of Tlou2 said my delivery would be two weeks after release, next notification said a week after. I canceled both games and for the first time bought first party games digitally. Seemed odd to do but Best Buy, Target, and the out of my GS were all closed due to covid.

rainslacker184d ago

Amazon charged my card, and said it was preparing for shipment, and would arrive the Thursday after release.

I cancelled it and got my money back, because IMO, despite the CV stuff, which I understand, they should have been able to process these since they receive these products a couple weeks ahead of time.

Our local GameStop was still open, but doing curbside pickup only. They just opened the stores to limited customer the week after TLOU2 released. Best Buy is curbside only, or appointments in store for some stuff, but I will say that when I ordered some stuff online from them, their curbside pick up experience was phenominal. Target I have no idea about, but Wal-mart has remained opened.

morganfell184d ago (Edited 184d ago )

Mine is still open and I initially grabbed the collector's edition from Amazon, went to Gamestop, purchased one then came back and cancelled my Amazon order. Originally they were going to do a launch tonight but that was pulled this morning so they are doing it at 10 tomorrow when the store normally opens now at 12. I went by there today and they said only 3 of us were able to grab CE versions. The guy also said they are trimming down the amount of extra copies they get and in the case of some games are only shipping enough to cover preorders.

MADGameR184d ago

Who's surprised about this? Amazon ALWAYS delays pre-orders on video games. Get it at GameStop, you'll get it day 1 guaranteed.

rainslacker184d ago

I never had a problem with getting them day one before the CV stuff. One would think with pre-orders though, that they should be able to process them in a timely fashion before the day they would normally ship them.

dumahim184d ago

Yep. That's the main reason I started getting all my games from Amazon. Release day delivery. That, and Best Buy consistently fucking up or cancelling the order. I only had a problem with them once on South Park: TSoT. Friend who ordered it a few weeks before release was getting release day shipping but mine wasn't shipping until release when I ordered it as soon as it was available to. I tried talking to customer service and they kept saying it wasn't available in my area, despite the fact I live like 5 miles from the UPS distribution center it was going through while my friend was probably 40 miles away.

Since covid, shipping has been consistently delayed. It sucks, but shit's serious.

rainslacker183d ago (Edited 183d ago )

About the only thing I stopped ordering from them was collectors editions. I still get those through game stop if I get them day one. They always put them in these big boxes with little to no protective packaging, and the boxes always came damaged. I'm pretty picky about my Collector's Editions, and returning them was a pain not worth the time, and they never had replacements, plus I think they were going to cut me off from returns because of damaged boxes since I requested so many.

GameStop has been fine for those CE, although you have to pay more up front. I did get my TLOU2 CE from them, mostly because I couldn't through Best Buy, but then forgot I secured one through them. Luckily I still got it though.:)

I don't mind the normal delays if I just order something that isn't a pre-order. I've done plenty of those the past few months, and it takes 2-3 extra days, but none of it is essential. I wouldn't even be upset over most game pre-orders. but for a game that I was really anticipating and ready to play, and was already being spoiled left and right on the net, I was not that happy about it.

dumahim183d ago

I'm glad gamestop works out for you. They can get imploded by a black hole for all I care. I've had a long history of bad experiences with them, but it was mostly retail. I decided to give online a shot last year. I had some Borderlands figures pre-ordered that weren't coming out until like Nov. In the mean time, I missed out on Cyberpunk CE on Amazon so I ordered it through GS not long after the Borderlands figures.

A couple weeks after all of that, I wanted to check my order history, but the orders couldn't be found even though I had the order number from my email. Meh, whatever. Later in the year, I think like Sept and was hoping to get a release date, so I checked my order history again, still nothing. I submit a ticket to have it looked in to, I get the automatic response and then nothing. At least a month go by and I submit another ticket.

6 weeks later they finally respond with "Our volume was higher than usual and kept us from responding within our normal standards." and ask me to reply if I still need assistance, so I do. They never replied. Another 6 weeks go by when I receive an email saying that my order was cancelled and no reason was given. Seeing as how online tickets don't work, I call them. The first rep says they tried to charge my payment method but it was declined. Mind you, my payment method is paypal linked to my checking account. Never had any issues and there's plenty of funds to cover the $108 my order was for. Tried explaining how this all seems highly unlikely, but they stuck with their story. I asked for the date the charge was attempted so I could confirm with paypal and they kept dodging the question and giving an answer to a question I didn't ask. Had to ask 3 more times before they would give me a date.

Since I had them on the phone, I asked about my other order. He couldn't even find it for a couple minutes and then eventually found it said it was also cancelled for the same reason. TF? The game was still six months away (at the time) why would they attempt to charge for it and they didn't even give me notification it was cancelled. Asked for a supervisor and he looked in to it. Came back and said the game wasn't cancelled for a payment issue, but it had no reason at all. He wanted me to place the orders again but I refused due to their broken system and lack of replies when I tried to look in to my orders over months. He then suggested I go in-store and pay up front. Yeah right.

Oh, and checked with paypal, they saw the order but it was marked as cancelled and no attempt was made to charge for my order.

Elda184d ago (Edited 184d ago )

Agreed. Whenever I pre-order at Gamestop I usually can pick it up the day before or the day of release. I bought FFVII:Remake day one when it was released at Target because both Gamestop's where I live were closed.

FlyGuyHung184d ago (Edited 184d ago )

In Canada 9 out of 10 preorders on Amazon arrive late, and they dont even care. I just recently had to cancel my TLOU2 preorder 3 days before release because they sent an email saying it would arrive 2 weeks later. I preordered it at walmart immediately and got it 1 day early. The one time one of my bestbuy preorder was late they sent an apology email with a $5 giftcard.

-Ghost184d ago

Just checked my order. It's coming tomorrow.

-Ghost184d ago

Also got the digital version to play at Midnight. 3 more hours to go. 😃

KingofGambling184d ago

Your very luck. Mine is on Tuesday. BS.

-Ghost184d ago

Hope that changes and you get it earlier.

KingofGambling183d ago

@ -Ghost
Appreciated. Enjoy PS4 great swan song game.
This generation has been amazing.
See you in 9th Gen.

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