Why did my Nintendo Switch game case come with instructions for a gun?

Josh Knowles of KnowTechie writes: All I wanted was a case to hold my physical Nintendo Switch titles, but instead, I received a case and instructions for a fictional space rifle.

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traumadisaster30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Why did my toilet paper package come with instructions for an Irish bag pipe? Idk you made it up? Let me know I can post the pics.

CoNn3rB30d ago

At first, I thought the writer was being pedantic but nope, that's a pretty weird thing to find in your game case.

ActualWhiteMan30d ago

I hate when writers get all pedantic on me. Glad it wasn't the case.

Bnet34329d ago

You think that's bad? Wait till a girl goes all pedantic on ya. That's a gg no re right there son. You ain't winning that one.

DerfDerf30d ago

They created something for video games and built some lore around it. Actually pretty cool and far from a flex. They are just trying to make it more than just a boring case.

silenthillstrangler30d ago

So this is what nintendo fans call news.

strayanalog30d ago

I think you mean knowtechie. com or N4G.

Majinzo29d ago

Why can’t people just enjoy themselves instead complaining like the old angry lonely neighbors down the street who always have something negative to say about life.