Gamescom 2020 Announces Participating Publishers & Theme: Xbox, Bethesda, Sega, EA, & Many More

Today the organizers of Gamescom sent a press release to announce the theme of the event (which this year will be exclusively online) and a list of participating publishers.

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RaidenBlack29d ago

EA? Better not show Sports titles there. They better show some updates regarding Dragon Age 4.

sourOG29d ago

Better show some damn skate 4.

anonymousfan29d ago

Ugh everytime I see Bethesda I'm like damn it's probably at least another 3 years before we hear more about TES6... And then I remember Fallout 76 and I feel even more depressed.

RaidenBlack28d ago

Starfield is their main focus, now.

rlow129d ago

Nice, glad to see so many companies participating.