Konami Unveils PES Plans For Next-Gen, Will Transition To Unreal Engine

PES will finally transition from the Fox Engine to the Unreal Engine, and the game will allow for more realistic player models and animations, enhanced physics, photorealistic visuals, and much more.
Is this the end for Kojima's hailing Fox Engine?

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shepherdzeMan20d ago

Wheres Silent Hill,
Wheres MGS,
No one gives a F**K about PES

Ninjamonkey8220d ago

Tbh without kojima i'd not play MGS. Im a fan off both games you speak off but, PES is still a good football game and theres a great deal off players give a crap about it.

vivid8320d ago

A lot of people give a F**K about PES actually

RaidenBlack20d ago

Need a potent dev for MGS.
If an internal team is going to handle the project, then which game engine will they use?
Fox Engine like MGSurvive? Or will they also transition to UE?
MGS series is known for using state of the art proprietary game engines.

Nacho_Z20d ago

That's great but for gods sake let's have a new commentary team with all new dialogue and more intelligent analysis. Great way to make a game feel stale out of the box when they're saying the exact same stuff they were five years ago.

Commentary isn't important in itself but it's an example of how they leave some things to stagnate while focusing on tiny improvements in animations.