Tales of Crestoria Released Early, Download Now!

Earlier, according to the news and details, Tales of Cresotria was expected to release on 22 July. Even yesterday, multiple news platforms reported that the game is closing towards its release. But nobody predicted that it would launch today itself.

If you are still unaware, let us tell you that Bandai Namco Entertainment has just released Tales of Crestoria globally. It is available to download both on Android and iOS devices via Google Play and Appstore, respectively.

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OtterX29d ago

I'd actually give this a go if it released on Switch.

Outlawzz29d ago

Tales of disgrace you mean. Shame on them for tainting the tales of name

Knightofelemia29d ago

I'd rather pay for Tales of Arise then some mobile game I would play Crestoria if it came to PS4

Positivelypositive 28d ago

Making mobile games is on thing but these dumb ones that have all the old characters and no world exploration. I just don't understand how they can make a game less like what the main franchise games are like and they are still popular. I would love a real tales of games on my phone not this pandering trash.