You can already play Paper Mario: The Origami King on PC thanks to Nintendo Switch Emulators

DSOGaming writes: "Paper Mario: The Origami King is a new Nintendo Switch game that releases on July 17th. And, surprisingly enough, this new Mario game is already playable on the PC via the Nintendo Switch emulators, Yuzu and Ryujinx, prior to its official release."

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moongrim29d ago

and it plays faster and looks better than on Switch! When is Nintendo gonna upgrade the 10 year old hardware inside the Switch?

SegaSaturn66927d ago

Even on the superior emulator, there's better switch games to play than this.

anonymousfan27d ago

A lot of people play the Switch in portable mode... No PC can match that.

nowitzki200427d ago (Edited 27d ago )

I never play portable, I can go outside the house without gaming.

And Laptops are portable so yeah PC can match that.

anonymousfan27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

@nowitzki2004 Why do you assume portable means going outside???

Lmao the Switch is outselling every console right now - because we have to stay inside due to Covid.

I have had mine since mid 2018 and never once played outside my home meanwhile I can game a few minutes here and there like say when my wife is watching a TV show I have zero interest in rather than hogging the TV all to myself. Only time I put it in the dock is to play coop games together... Which the Switch handles pretty well.

Edit: laptops portable? Right show me a laptop the size and portability of a Switch... Even those that can emulate it need a power outlet in order to do so. Hardly portable. Mine can emulate the Switch zero problem but I would he an idiot trying to hold that over my head lying on the couch meanwhile the fan is blasting away.

nowitzki200427d ago

@anonymousfan Yeah thats why I love PC gaming, No need for TV, my SO can use it all she wants I have a monitor of my own.

anonymousfan27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

@nowitzki2004 fair enough. Personally I sit at a computer to work I much prefer avoiding that same spot/position when I relax.

nowitzki200427d ago

@anonymousfan Yeah I can see that, My gaming chair is more comfortable than my couch though.

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Exactly and I just preordered it for the Switch. I can always play this superior version though :D

averagejoe2627d ago

PC has the definitive version of all Switch games.

I know this game isn't very good but I'll try it anyway.

nowitzki200427d ago

You had us in the first half.