Famitsu Review Scores: Issue 1649

This week’s Famitsu review scores are in. The magazine has awarded its 27th-ever perfect score to Ghost of Tsushima

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Malice-Flare28d ago

that's rare. and, the 3rd Western dev to get such a rating...

RpgSama28d ago

The funny thing is that another reviewer gave the game a 6/10 because among other things "American storytellers are far too comfortable with altering and re-writing other people’s histories and cultures whenever it would be otherwise inconvenient to their own storytelling expectations", while at the same time a Japanese publication gives the game a perfect score by having 4 different japanese reviewer's giving 10/10 to the game.

morganfell28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Since it is a Japanese publication writing about a game concerning Japanese history, whose opinion would you most respect? A western writer deciding for another culture what is an appropriate telling of their history or a collection of individuals with direct descendant connections to said history?

tochi28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

It's funny.
Most of Japanese reviewers expressed their astonishment on the authentic depiction of feudal Japanese culture. If anyone doubt about my comment, use Google translator and read Japanese articles by yourself. It's not difficult.

Many people say many things about American in there days. But I got to admit that only Americans can do this level of detail research and respect to other cultures.
You will see many similar comments in Japanese game forums saying "Do you think Japanese devs can do that?".
If you are American, I guess it's OK to be proud of this achievement.
It is one nice way to show how great your country is.
Too political?

JEECE28d ago

American reviewers criticizing a game for rewriting Japanese history while themselves speaking on behalf of Japanese people, instead of just letting Japanese reviewers give their own perspective, is the most 2020 thing I've seen.

28d ago
elazz27d ago

Yep, Matt even made a dedicated article about that and shut down the comment section due to being toxic. Saying it's not an authentic depiction and really hammering down the game due to that. While in Japan they understand that the events might not have played exactly like that or in those locations it still authentically depicts the Era correctly. Combined with a good story and fun gameplay they all gave it a 10 and many more are raving. This game is truly amazing it seems and I'll be able to tell all about it by this weekend.

loftlanser27d ago

Pah! Yeah, it's ridiculous. There was a somewhat similar thing held against Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

The arrogance and condescension of some journos beggars belief. They somehow tell themselves that they, and they alone, know what style a story should have regarding a different culture, even if people of said culture are perfectly happy with the depiction.

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DEEBO28d ago

American developer's made it,2 out 10.
Friday is almost here.
Next Mario better be made buy a goomba and a plumber because they understand the culture.
I can't jump on top of these boxes that's only two feet high points deducted.
VR sucks because my console doesn't have it yet but camera on my preferred console is state-of-the-art tech cause I can turn it on with my voice.

I love gaming but the political BS that goes on in it is ruining it right now.
Don't get caught up in this BS,play the games for YOUR entertainment not because some jackass wrote a blog about it.

Japanese people are going to play the hell out of this game while idiots jerk it to a 6 out 10 score.

jdoe28d ago

excellent news. Can't wait until Friday

Sunny1234528d ago

Downloaded and ready to play. Go fast timer.

demonseye28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

this is amazing so all these reviewers say it isnt good because it wasnt made by a japanes developer. meanwhile japanese reviewers 40/40 perfect score best game ever. doesnt this technically nullify all those reviews if a japanese reviewer gives it a 10 and they aren't japenese reviewers all their reviews are bullshit now.

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