Here Are The Essential Songs We Need In Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory

If there's going to be a Kingdom Hearts game centered on the music, then these songs really need to be represented.

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Daeloki27d ago

Correction: We don't need a Kingdom Hearts rhythm game to begin with...

Inverno27d ago

No a rhythm game is fine. Putting important story elements in it isn't.

Daeloki27d ago

It would be fine if it was an optional minigame like the retro games in KH3, other than that I honestly don't see the value in a full rhythm game. It looks like cheap animations running over existing cutscenes.

Inverno26d ago

Thats exactly what it is though. They have Soras KH1 look fully modeled in KH3 but they still using his ps2 model for some reason. I think its just SE making up for all he times they could've milked the series even harder. Which is why theres another mobile game, and what seems to be a stand alone dlc coming