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Metro: In the end, like most games that follow the Ubisoft formula, it just ends up feeling like a patchwork of ideas from other games, some implemented well and some less so. We certainly enjoyed it more than most Assassin’s Creed games but we’d consider that a fairly modest achievement in its own right. Ghost Of Tsushima is a competent, enjoyable action adventure but it’s never any more than that. If it does end up being the last major first party exclusive on the PlayStation 4 it’s a fairly forgettable ending.

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NecrumOddBoy31d ago

I get annoyed by the Ubisoft comparisons when shitting on PS4 games. Horizon Zero Dawn received the same criticism. Completely unjustified and such a copout for lazy journalism. In the next year Metro will be licking BOTW2's berries with praise. Hypocrites.

King_Noctis31d ago

BOTW did not follow the Ubisoft formula.

Inverno31d ago

It most definitely followed the Ubisoft formula. Towers to expand the map, boring/repetitive side quests, a world that although pretty to look at is filled with mostly hot air. Ontop of that it actually managed to be worse by not having a story at all. Remove the Zelda name from it and it would be easily mistaken for an Ubisoft game.

King_Noctis31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

“How Zelda and Horizon fix open worlds in very different ways”

Read that article. You’ll see the different between BOTW (and Horizon) comparing to Ubisoft games.

Inverno31d ago

Horizon also followed the Ubisoft formula just ad much as Zelda. Lets take a look at FarCry3 and Horizon.
Towers to Expand the map? Check
Skinning animals to expand inventory? Check
Bandit camps? Check
Dumb as brick enemies? Check
Half baked stealth thats mostly hiding in tall grass? Check
Somewhat beautiful world with little to explore outside of what they intend for you to find? Check
BoTW did most of that except it made upgrading your inventory an even bigger pain in the ass.
Days Gone also followed the Ubisoft formula. The problem isnt that all these games follow tired old gaming conventions. No the problem is journalists are very selective about where they choose to apply their sudden expectations for a game. They have no standards, just clickbait.

garos8231d ago

Horizon has some of the most unique gameplay elements ive seen in any game. The tethering weapon was incredibly fun to use and drastically changes the gameplay compared to any other 3rd person open world combat ive seen

Inverno31d ago

Unrelated to this review, but still kinda related. I wanna say that I played BoTW, Horizon, Days Gone. I enjoyed all three just as I enjoy open world Ubisoft games. I played all three and enjoyed them for what they were and critisize them not for what could've been. However this is the second PS open world exclusive that I've seen this gen being unfairly reviewed because of sudden expectations of revolutionizing the open world genre. This review is bs and so are all the other reviews inserting fake disappointments