Ghost of Tsushima review: a beautiful but banal samurai crusade - Telegraph

Telegraph: Sucker Punch's PS4 tribute to Akira Kurosawa is gorgeous to behold but its sparse open-world and bloated mechanics has it falling short

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nudawa20d ago

I knew this game is "meh" the moment I saw the gameplay.

FunAndGun19d ago

Same here, the game visually looks amazing, but I play games for gameplay first. I have already played this game multiple times before.

Bathyj19d ago

Well you should never play a third-person action game, a first-person shooter, a racer,
a platformer, a beat em up or an RPG again.

WillyC00919d ago

Sure you did bud. Tell me, do you go onto the significantly more positive reviews to say this? Or just wait to pop on when one fits with your predisposed beliefs?

DrDeath20d ago

This is how i felt about second son. Nothing interesting to do

Imortus_san19d ago

I played that one, just give me back the time I wasted playing it.

DrDeath19d ago

Wow their was like nothing to do at all on the streets. Spiderman was the same. Great games still but lacking in ground work. Once your on the ground its just empty with unkillable npcs and cars walking around.

F0XH0UND92219d ago

Yeah because Spider-Man was known for all his work on the ground and interacting with traffic....

Do you people even listen to yourselves?

Flewid63819d ago (Edited 19d ago )

What TF would Spider-Man be doing just chilling on the streets....walking around & shopping? lmao.

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cooperdnizzle20d ago

6 out of ten? That seems a little low. Maybe I’m wrong but they give 8 and 9 to every assassin Creed and call of duty every year. Game reviews are getting so pointless they need to have a new system in place

Bathyj20d ago

I don't see how anything that looks beautiful plays beautiful and is fun can get a 6.

Looper20d ago

This is, according to this person. That's how opinions work.

Bathyj20d ago

Yep and I'm fine with that. As long as like Cooper said they are consistent.

Looper19d ago

Different reviewers different opinions. Again, that's how opinions work. You can only expect consistency from specific reviewers not websites as a whole.

So unless you have specific reviewers who lauded a game for one aspect and panned another for the very same aspect then your argument is moot.

Imortus_san19d ago

That's why game reviews should go back to the way they were in the old times with more fields to score:
1. Graphics and Resolution,
2. Graphic Art and Visual Presentation
3. Sound and Music
4. GamePlay and Frame Rate
5. Game Content
6. Fun Factor
7.Overall Score

That Way you could make better judgement

Bathyj19d ago

Imortus I agree. It should be broken down into categories. Too many reviewers are all to keen to point out one aspect they didn't like, and then feel like it's their obligation or duty to make some sort of a stand and let everyone know and punish the final score while not giving full credit to all the other things the games did right. At least if it was broken down into categories you could still have your say about the parts you didn't like and score accordingly but give credit to everything else that was on point.

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chicken_in_the_corn20d ago

I'm really surprised by the reviews this is getting. I expected mostly 9s

demonseye19d ago

the same reviewers gave assassin creed games 8 and 10. they are consistent reviewers. they praise one game for having a certain mechanic and blame the other game fro having it. there aren't many games that pooled of a giant world with no repetition

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