Dragon's Dogma Anime TV Series Announced by Netflix; First Images Released

Today Netflix announced and dated a brand new anime series based on Capcom's Dragon's Dogma franchise.

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SamPao29d ago

Knights of sidonia is pretty cool. Just depends how the overall look is

Inverno29d ago

Its mostly the actual animation that I dislike, doesn't flow as well as 2D animation. Knights of Sidonia was good, DoroHeDoro I thought was pretty great

spicelicka29d ago

Looks good until the dragon pic...

I don't understand why they mix the cell shaded look, which is fine, with random a unfinished CGI look. I've noticed it with many of these productions.

monkey60228d ago

Yeah im disappointed by that too. Its a visual style I really can't enjoy. I'll still give this its chance. After all Castlevania was absolutely fantastic! And that wasn't something I thought I'd ever say back when it was announced

SamPao28d ago

Yeah I cant disagree it mostly feels weird. But Knights was great, they just knew how to use it.

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CorndogBurglar28d ago

So they'll make an animated TV series, but not a sequel that is highly requested?

Spenok28d ago

Really Twinfinite? This was announced more than a year ago... doing a little bit of research isn't that hard.

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